WINNER: Red Velvet Recipe Battle

We wanted to know, which of these two doctored mix red velvet cupcakes were better. We asked you to bake each recipe exactly as it's written and then do a side by side comparison. After the taste, texture, and ease of preparation were compared, one was clearly superior.

Recipe A started with a vanilla cake mix, incorporated balsamic vinegar, cocoa powder, sour cream, and vanilla extract.

Recipe B started with a chocolate cake mix and incorporated vanilla pudding, sour cream and chocolate chips.

They were both easy to prepare, so it came down to taste and texture. That's really where the winning recipe shone. So which cupcake won?

The Winner is... 

Recipe B for its fluffy texture, rich taste with more chocolate flavor, and the unconventional use of mini chocolate chips in the batter.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We'd love to hear what you think of the recipe too, so leave your review of the recipe after you make it. We think you're going to love it as much as we do.

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Thank you so much for comparing the recipes! I think this is incredibly helpful to us trying to find the perfect recipe. It would be nice to get more detail on the results. Especially how many participated, is it 2 people evaluating or 200? It will give us an idea of how to weight the response. Also more detail on their opinions, too salty, too sweet, too chocolaty (as if that were possible). Again thank you so much for doing this recipe battle! I look forward to more tests!


I'm still amazed that these recipes can even be considered red velvet.  I'm sure they're delicious, but calling these recipes red velvet would make you a laughing stock in the south!


AJT2012, agreed. A few of us are waiting for the scratch red velvet battle. We were told there would be one and that we could submit recipes.


@Cheechtastic ‍ when you visit each individual recipe, you can read the reviews, which have some more detail. Thank you for your feedback about what you'd like to see in a review. Your suggestions help make the battles better for everyone.

@imagenthatnj ‍ just to clarify... we will have scratch battles, in fact the one starting tomorrow is a scratch cake. I will choose the recipes, not from submissions as of right now. Eventually in the future we hope to build a community of bakers who like having their recipes tested and others who like to test recipes. When we get there, we will have a way that you can submit a recipe, and request it to be tested/challenged. I'm sorry to say that it requires some programming, it is a project we are considering. At this time I don't have a timeline for that project. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and I think we'd all love your red velvet recipe!


If there is a battle you'd like to see/participate in, please let me know. I have added scratch red velvet cake to the list, anything else for now? You can comment in this post, or in a battle thread and @ tag me. Thanks everyone.


From all I have read over the years RV cake is NOT suppose to be a chocolate cake.  It is a white cake with just a hint of chocolate - like just 2 T unsweetened cocoa powder  in many of the scratch recipes I have read.  Since I'm a true CHOCOHOLIC it has never appealed to me.


@LeanneW ‍ 

Scratch recipes for a gluten free white cake and gf chocolate cake. Recently I have found a good (better than the ones I have tried in the past, not perfect, but good) recipe for Scratch GF Almond Coconut Cake, which is much better on the 2nd day. I do not care for the gf flour blends, but prefer almond flour & coconut flour cake recipes.


I tried the winning recipe (B) as a cake. I got a 6" cake and 6 cupcakes out of the recipe. Turned out great. Thought I would share since so many people didn't like how the cupcakes looked.