Roland Winbeckler's Over-Piped Double Reverse Shell Buttercream Border Tutorial


While we were putting together our feature on Roland Winbeckler for Issue 3 of Volume 4 of Cake Central Magazine, we found this useful, easy to follow tutorial on how make this over-piped double reverse shell border, and we had to share it with you. He shows you step-by-step how to pipe this buttercream border, and he even includes common mistakes to avoid!

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Nice border~ Always could use new ideas and this one is pretty and very versatile. I'm thinking of experimenting with it and maybe use an alternate color for the over-piping... either contrasting or else a lighter or darker shade of the same color would look pretty...

I like how he did the tutorial as well. Yes, it's a simple border, but he went over and over in different ways and even showed what we could be doing wrong. Very good teacher!


I originally thought he provided a recipe.  I have tried multiple buttercream recipes and they all don't look that smooth...even an almost all shortening recipes.  Where can I get a recipe that produces these results?  Thanks!


Estoy muy agradecida por las ideas que proporcionan siempre¡  Voy poniendo atención y casi me imagino poniendo esos bordes en algún pastel. Además, como repite varias veces el tip, se va quedando más grabado y parece más fácil.   Muchas Gracias¡¡¡


thank you so much...the instruction is so clear and simple...i especially appreciate the idea of using those practice lines!  maybe i can do this!!