Baby Bum Cake


How to make a Baby Bum Cake

List of Materials

  • round sponge cake, 2kg fondant, butter icing to cover cake, rolling pin, pizza cutter


Basically you bake a normal sponge cake – about 10 -11 cm (don’t how many inches that is) high


I then carved it a bit on the side where the blanket goes, so that it slopes down slightly on that side. Then I cut out small, shallow holes (half round) on the sides – where the legs are supposed to go into the body


Covered the cake with butter cream and lift onto my cake board.


Roll out the white fondant (plastic Icing) in a half circle, big enough to cover
3/4 of the cake.
Cut out small half circles on the round sides, so that it fits the half circles I cut out of the cake. You fondant then looks like one half of a disposable nappy…


Put it over the cake so that the holes in the fondant fit the holes on the side of the cake.
Tuck it in slightly under the cake, between the legs, with a spatula and “fluff” it a bit where the legs will go in, to make little folds / pleats.


Use the back of a brush to make folds etc.


Colour some fondant flesh colour and divide into 4 pieces (2 for legs, and 2 for feet) Roll the legs and slope them on the sides


Put one end in the “Leg hole” in the cake, and bring it around to the front and slope it so that the ankle part is flat with the nappy


When you have put in both the legs, there should still be about 7 cm of open nappy between the ends, (the part between the legs). Leaving thus space for the feet.


Then you shape the feet.
Used the back of a brush to make the creases


Make separate little round toes, and paste on the foot with a little water


Shape them to look like the soles of real little feet

Then you position the feet on the ends of the legs

Then you position the feet on the ends of the legs


Roll out a thin strip of white fondant


Cut it neatly into a thin ribbon


gather it on one side so that it looks like a frill


Stick it on the brims of the “leg holes” with a little water and shape with the back of a brush


Roll out a square of fondant in the colour you desire, enough to cover 3/4 of the cake. Make some imprints/ blocks on it (as you wish)


put it over half of the cake leaving it to make crease and folds on the body side, so that it looks like a blanket thrown over the baby’s bum


Dust and finish with any other decorations of your choice.


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Did the same cake but used RiceKrispie treats covered in fondant to make the legs and feet. It is always a hit!! Now I know that I can do it with fondant or chocolate clay. Thanks!!!