How to Make a Decorated Swiss Roll Cake


i saw this swiss rolls on the internet and try it my self ( its not my idea, i found some pics on japanese websites)

you can also use it on top of a round cake or square.

very nice when they donnot eat or may eat marzipan or rollfondant.

List of Materials

  • spongecake batter
  • food coloring
  • baking sheet and baking paper
  • freezer and oven
  • piping bottle of bags
  • filling ( i used mocha creme )


spray cooking spray on your baking sheet and put your bakingpaper on it .

put uncolored spongecake batter in a piping bag or bottle and put some tips of the strawberries on the parchment.

freezing it for 10 minutes.


remove the tray from the freezer

Now spray the crowns of strawberries on the parchment paper with green colored batter.

put it again 10 minutes in the freezer


remove again from the freezer.

now you go finish the strawberry with red colored batter .

for the last time you put the bakingsheet 10 minutes in the freezer.

set your oven to the correct position


get it out of the freezer again.

Divide the last uncolored batter over the bakingsheet and bake this for about 10 minutes.

make sure you donnot overbake the spongecake becouse you cannot roll it well then and you get cracks like my first swiss roll , you can see the cracks on the picture.

when its out of the oven you can roll it between sheets of greased baking papier or you can take a put wet cloth on it a few minutes .


when you peel the bakingpaper of you get this look.


you can made all kinds of patterns on it , you also can make a picture with a sharpie pen on the baking paper and put that on the bakside so you can fill that in,note that you put letters in mirror writing on it .


now you cut the sides away and put the filling on it .

roll the swissroll between some greased bakingpaper.


the finsihed decorated swiss roll


i hope you like the how to , English is not m, n main language , i am dutch .

when i have the time i go make more of the patterned cakes and show it overhere.

kind regards brigitta



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Super creative idea. Looking forward to trying this, thanks for the inspiration and sharing


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial. That was very kind of you and I really appreciate it. This cake really looks impressive and I can't wait to try it. Thanks!


Thanks so much. it is great. I will try it. May I know how to avoid the crack when we roll the cake?? I always use confection sugar to cover the crack, but it will cover the design. Please help me out.

Thanks again.


dear AMYCC , roll the swiss roll between some greased bakingpaper right when he's out of the oven and try to not overbake it , than the spongecake get to dry.


wow i will definitely try this! can u please provide your spongecake batter recipe? Mine always crumbles so i cant roll it out. please please please because i'd love to make this!


the size of the pan is 30 cm by 50 cm

i always use a sponge cake mix , from the brand name soezie , but i donnot know iff you can buy it where you live.


this is so kawaii can't wait to try this out with some of my friends i know there going to flip out on how it's done thanks so much for posting


you are so kind to be sharing this. thank you so much. Just wondering how would you get this effect on a normal round cake? anyone have any ideas :) thank you once again for this tutorial. Much appreciated x


You can find the sponge cake mix at the World Market. At least here in Des Moines, Iowa you can. Thanks for the tutorial. Like trying new things.


Quelle idée originale ! je meurs d'envie d'essayer moi aussi ! D'autant que l' on peut vraiment dessiner tout ce que l'on souhaite ! Bravo