Pot of Gold St. Patty's Day Cookies

Decorating cookies with royal icing can be a lot of fun, especially if the steps are broken down for you in an easy to follow manner. In the pictorial below, find out how to decorate Pot of Gold cookies with royal icing. Please note that the rainbow pictured is a separate cookie, and is simple to make. Cut a rainbow shape piece of dough, bake, and decorate rainbow stripes of icing.

List of Materials

  • NFSC – No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe – substitute 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of powdered cocoa
  • Antonia74 Royal Icing Recipe
  • Pot of Gold Cookie Cutter
  • Food gel colorings – yellow, black
  • Piping Tips #2, #10
  • Gold Lustre Dust
  • Clear Extract of your choice (lemon for example)
  • Piping Bags & Couplers (2 of each)
  • Fondant & Fondant Rolling Pin


Outline and flood your cookie using a #2 piping tip, and black royal icing. Let dry.

Knead yellow food gel coloring into your fondant, roll to your desired thickness for your coins.

Punch out coins using the tip of a #10 piping tip.

Adhere gold coins to cookie with yellow royal icing. Let dry.

Mix 1 part gold luster dust to 3 parts extract (for example 1/4 tsp to 3/4 teaspoons), and paint luster dust onto coins.

Roll and cut out a piece of black fondant for the lip of the pot of gold, and attach with royal icing.

Serve and enjoy!


If you’d like to make some four-leaf clover cookies to match your theme, here’s a quick pictorial on making them.
Have fun decorating!


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