How to Package & Ship Cookie Bouquets

Learn how to package and ship your cookies bouquets by following these easy steps.

Step 1 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetIndividually wrap each cookie in cello bag or shrink wrap Step 2 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetLayer with bubble wrap or tissue paper Step 3 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetWrap entire bouquet in bubble wrap or tissue paper Step 4 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetCover entire bouquet in shrink wrap and shrink using heat gun or blow dryer on low setting. Step 5 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetPlace packing fill (shred, packing popcorn, lots of crumpled paper, etc.) in box

Step 6 How To Packe & Ship a Cookie BouquetPlace cookies in box and surround with more packing fill. Add enough fill so that the cookies don’t shift.

Fill to top of box so cookies don’t shift Final bit of cushioning so the cookies will not shift during transit.

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This is really interesting to me.  I have often wondered about this and the impact the weather (ie. heat) while in transport would have on them?  Does anyone have any experience with this?


Hi Colleen,

In transporting baked goods (depending what it is) pack the item in an insulated box with dry ice. DO NOT TOUCH the dry ice use gloves. When shipping, freeze the product first (like cheesecakes, cakes, pies, etc.) then put the dry ice on top and the bottom of the food package to keep it frozen. Hopes this helps. 


Hi Zeldamae, my local grocery store sells dry ice near the registers (near the regular bags of ice) Just ask customer service. If you have a Baskin Robbins ice cream store near you, they also sell it...although it would be more expensive than a local grocery store. Hope this helps!


When I mail cake pops, after individually wrapping them I arrange them on cardboard and bubble wrap each layer. then cushion with packing popcorn...