Cake Baking - Flower Nail Method Tutorial


Just a quick demo to show what the flower nail method looks like. This method is an alternative to using “bake even strips” for a cake that requires less to no leveling after baking.
Hope this is helpful.


1. Spray flower nail with non-stick spray


2. Place nail in the center of pan, touching the  bottom. Bake as usual


3.  Remove from oven. Cover top with cake board or sheet pan and flip entire cake pan over


4. after flipping over the cake pan, nail pops out making it easy to remove.

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It does not make a difference if you pour the batter around it, or add the nail after you have poured the batter into the pan


Such a life-saver! I'mmaking a cake with 10, 12 and 14 in. Heart pans and forgot to buy a heating core..glad i saw this and no longer have to worry. :) works great!


I just tried this for the first time with two square cakes using the nails and the strips. One 6x3 inch (using one nail) and one 10x3 inch (using 2 nails). I must say, the 10 inch cake looks great! Very little dome and nice even baking. The 6 inch cake has a dome, although it is smaller than usual. I will use this method from now on, instead of using the heating core. By the way, I did turn my oven down to 325 (from my usual 350) and it only took sixty minutes to bake! (The 6 inch took 45 minutes). Thanks for this tutorial!


for some reason I can't see the pictures so have one question can I use the (Wilton) plastic flower nail as well or does it have to be metal only? Many thanks for the brilliant idea <3


I just looked online and I see ones called PME. They look like white plastic but I can't tell. Can anyone say what brands of flower nails they use?


I haven't tried this yet. Wish I'd read this first because I have two 10" cakes in the oven right now. I've baked over 60 cakes in the last month and would have loved to have read this first. Thank you for the tip!

Sarahoza - On the nail question, I'm sure you will need to use metal tips. Plastic will melt into your cake.


I am going to try the flower nail but was wondering if there is anything else I could also use like tips because I do not have access to buy more flower nails where I live and need to bake some cake.


I have been using this tip to bake more level cakes for quite a while. I count it as one of the two best tips I have  read on Cake Central. The other one is to mix buttercream icing on low to avoid air. Two simple bits of advice but both so valuable!