How To Make a Buttercream Poinsettia

How To Make Buttercream Poinsettias. Here is a step-by-step technique, from making beautiful poinsettia flowers in buttercream or royal icing. This Cake Decorating idea is great for holiday cakes and cookies.

Tools Needed:

1. Use tip #366 to pipe your first petal 2. Use tip #366 to pipe your second petal(You can work in a clockwise, or counter-clockwise direction, whichever is most comfortable for you) 3. Use tip #366 to pipe your 3rd petal 4. Use tip #366 to pipe your 4th petal 5. Use tip #366 to pipe your 5th petal 6. Use tip #366 add 5 more petals offset and slightly shorter than the first 7. Add green leaves with tip #352 8. Add yellow dots with tip #3Now stand back and admire your work!

These flowers will look great on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes!

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This is wonderful, and quite simple now that I've tried. Thank you so much and the pictures were very helpful :)