Non-Toxic Fresh Flowers for your Cake


Which flowers are the safest? The answer is twofold. First, no flower is safe to eat or use on or near food products unless it has been organically grown. This means no chemical herbicides or pesticides have been used on or around the plant. Rose fertilizers that contain systemic toxins are included in this category, as are any fertilizers of the weed-and-feed variety.
“This also means that edible flowers that are brought home from nurseries and garden centers are not safe to eat or use on or near food products unless they have been grown organically or sustainably (without toxins). …
“Secondly, for some people, eating pollen can trigger allergies or even asthma. To be safe, remove the pollen-bearing parts of each edible flower (the pistils and stamens). The sepals or calyx also should be removed from all flowers except the viola-violet clan (pansies, Johnny- Jump-Ups, violets and violettas).

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Copyright 2002, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
Garden expert Ann Lovejoy wrote in a May 23, 2002,
article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper:
Reprinted by permission
That said, quite a number of flowers common to vegetable beds and ornamental borders are both lovely to look at and tasty to boot. Below you will find a list Click Images to Enlarge Acacia Blossoms African Violets Almond Blossoms Alyssum Apple Blossoms Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) Baby’s Tears Bachelor Button petals Banana Blossoms Borage
Nasturtiums, Violets, Rose Petals
Boston Fern Bougainvillea Bromeliad Family California Poppy Camelia Carnation Chamomile Chive Flowers (Chive Blossoms) Christmas Cactus Chrysanthemums Clary
Nasturtiums, Borage, Violets
Dahlia Daisy Daylily Dianthus Dogwood Easter lily English Primroses Forget-Me-Nots Fuchsia Gardenia Geraniums – Scented Hawaiin Ti Plant Hibiscus Hollyhock Ice Plant Impatiens Indian Cress (Tropaeolum Majus) %GOOGLE% Jamaica Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus) Jasmine Johnny Jump-Up
Pansy, Violets
Lavendar Lemon Blossoms Lilac Lily Buds Lily of the Nile Maidenhair Fern Marigolds Mimosa Blossoms Nasturtium
Marigolds, Pansy
Orange Blossom Pansy Peach Blossom Petunia Phlox Plum Blossoms Pussy Willow Roselle Roses
Violets for crystalizing
Snake Plant SnapDragon Squash blossoms Tiger Lily Velvet Plant – Purple Viola Violet
Nasturtium, Borage, Pansy

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