Strawberry Cake - from a mix, but with no fake strawberry flavor

While in search of a good strawberry cake recipe, I made one from CC called “Strawberry Cake from Scratch” first. While it tasted great and was moist, it was a little too crumbly. (I was planning on torting, filling, stacking, and fondanting it.) Plus, I didn’t like the fact that it used artificial strawberry flavor (the Jello).
I just wanted a recipe that used real strawberry only. So this was my experiment. I am a box mix girl so I started with that.
It came out with a great texture and tasted great. My husband preferred it to the scratch one.

Strawberry Cake – from a mix, but with no fake strawberry flavor


  • -1 box white cake mix (I used Duncan Hines)
  • -1 small box vanilla pudding
  • -4 eggs
  • -1/3 cup whole milk
  • -2/ 3 cup oil
  • -1 cup pureed frozen strawberries in syrup (thaw first, leave all juice in when you puree)
  • -1 tsp vanilla
  • -red food coloring, optional, to your degree of liking


  1. 1. Sift together the cake mix and pudding into mixer bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  2. 2. Stir together with paddle attachments until well combined.
  3. 3. At this point you can add your food color if you desire. Without it, it will be a brownish very slight pink, very natural looking (doesn’t exactly say “strawberry”). I added some wilton no-taste red to mine.
  4. 4. I baked mine in a 300 degree oven. I never time mine, just wait until it’s baked according to the toothpick test. (so sorry, can’t really help you there!)

    fat free and calorie free! (haha, I wish!)

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it is summer and fresh strawberrites abound. any suggestions to adjust for using fresh instead of frozen?

Will this hold up well for a tiered wedding cake?


I am also looking for a cake that holds up well under fondant. But, with the addition of strawberries...does the cake need to be kept refrigerated?


I made this cake this weekend for the first time. It was fantastic! Got RAVE reviews from my friends. Thank you for posting this recipe, tuffstuff.


I have been making this cake and it does hold up under fondant. I refrigerate this cake and it does fine. It is very good! I do not add any food coloring to mine. I like the all natural look.