Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake

What a great way to use up strawberries! Delicious cake! Hope you enjoy!


  • 1 (18.25) Box of DH Strawberry Cake Mix
  • 1 Cup AP flour
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Whole Milk or Water if you don’t have milk
  • 1/3 Cup of Strawberry puree (Blend approximately 1 cup of berries in blender)
  • 1/3 Cup Veg oil
  • 4 Large Eggs
  • 1 Cup Sour Cream
  • 2 tsp Natural strawberry extract (Silver Cloud Estates is the best
  • 6 whole large stawberries (optional for inside filling)
  • Truffle Filling/Covering

  • 1 1/2 lbs. Semi Sweet Chocolate, chopped
  • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 3 Tbls Unsalted Butter
  • 3 Tbls Corn Syrup


  1. For Strawberry Cake:
    Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl or stand mixer and beat at low to medium speed for 2 minutes making sure you scrap the bottom of the mixing bowl and sides a few times during the 2 minutes.
    Pour into prepared pans makes 3 – 8″ size cakes. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until cake springs back in the center when touched lightly. Remove from oven and cool. Wrap cakes on same size cake board and freeze for easier handling later.

Truffle Filling/Covering Directions:
1. In a medium size pan bring to a boil the heavy cream, butter and corn syrup.
2. Once it boils add the chopped chocolate and remover from heat. Place lid on pan and let steep about 5 minutes.
3. After 5 minutes whisk until no chunks of chocolate remain.
4. Pour chocolate mixture into a pyrex shallow baking dish like a 9X9″ and set chocolate aside to cool and thicken. Can be refrigerated but must keep a watch as to not have chocolate compltely harden. You need this to stay soft enough to spread but not too hard.

For Cake Assembly:
1. Place frozen 8″ Cake On 10″ Cake board. Secure with a little truffle filling.
2.Top first tier with a nice amount of truffle filling. If desired you may place sliced fresh strawberries on top of truffle filling and then drizzle a little more truffle filling on top.
3. Repeat with second frozen layer of cake.
4. Place the top layer of cake on top and spread the sides first with truffle filling making sure to fill in gaps along the sides of the cake. O
5. Place a generous amount of filling on top and spread smooth leveling where needed with more truffle filling.
Hope you enjoy!
Recipe makes 1- 8″ 3 layer dessert cake recipe can be doubled to make a 10″ dessert cake.

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