Peanut Butter & White Chocolate Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Ileana Saldivia (sugarrealm), owner of Sugar Realm Bakery, shares her very own recipe for peanut butter & white chocolate modeling chocolate, a delicious topper for her autumn-inspired acorn truffles, and an original twist on the classic decorating material!

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Yield approximately 1/2 lb. Store: Airtight container. Refrigerate for up to 6 weeks. 

 1 lb. real white chocolate* 
 *Real white chocolate (one containing cocoa butter) can be substituted by candy melts or chocolate coating (that contains no cocoa butter), which will result in a more pliable dough.

4 oz. light corn syrup 

2 oz. peanut butter 


MELT chocolate over a double boiler until completely dissolved or by heating on a microwave-safe bowl, in intervals of 15 seconds, until chocolate is completely melted. 

POUR light corn syrup over chocolate and mix with a rubber spatula until chocolate thickens and looks slightly grainy. Don't overstir. 

POUR mixture over plastic wrap and cover tightly. Let REST overnight or refrigerate for 4 hours, until modeling chocolate has hardened. 

CUT into 4 equal parts and KNEAD each part separately until it softens. Chocolate will feel quite hard; continue kneading until warmth of your hands softens chocolate. Chocolate must be pliable and hold its shape. 

KNEAD all pieces together and add peanut butter. 

KNEAD until well combined. 

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Could the amount of corn syrup be a type-o here? I've only made modeling chocolate a few times so I didn't think about the half cup to only half pound of candy so I wound up with a sticky mess that went into the trash. Only after I tried this recipe (weighing and measuring) did I think to check another source. Jessica of Jessicakes uses 10 oz candy to a scant 1.5 oz syrup (no more than 2 oz for light colored candy melts like what I used). I'm guessing no matter which recipe we go with, we just work in 2 oz of peanut butter after the modeling chocolate has set-up as usual.


Hi Neophyte, After reading your comment, I went back and reviewed my notes. You are right. The amount of chocolate on this recipe should be 1 lb. instead of 1/2 lb. I will contact the Cake Central team, and kindly ask that they correct this info. on the recipe. I should have catched that typo myself! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Don't let this set back discourage you. This truffles are as delicious as good looking...and sure to impress your guest! Try to use the best white chocolate you can afford, and avoid candy melts, since they contain wax instead of cocoa butter, All my best, I


I think your emails are terrific. I taught myself how to design and back cakes over 7 years ago. I tried and had a successful small home business but do to the economy my full time job comes first. But I still bake for friends and family and use a lot of your teachings.this one is great thanks


I have a question? I use modeling choc a lot, and with this recipe if you choose all natural pb does it change the consistency of the choc since it isn't as smooth and doesn't have that velvety texture as reg. pb's? thanks



Hello Jellybeanlane!

I don't think that using all natural pb will change the consistency of your modeling chocolate much, except that it will probably add more texture to it, due to the granular/coarse texture of most organic pb's.

I would suggest that you try to control the amount of oil (from when the pb separates into solids and oil)  that you add to the mc, because too much oil would soften your chocolate too much, and you will loose the lovely body that we so love of mc!

It may be a good idea to add your preferred pb to a small batch of your mc and experiment with the ratio!