Buttercream Icing - Winbeckler Recipe - Creamy Smooth


Marsha Winbeckler shows you the secret to making creamy, super smooth, buttercream icing in this video from YouTube. Her highly detailed video walks you through all of the steps required for making a beautiful frosting like a professional.


From Youtube

http://www.CakeSuppliesPlus.com for cake photos and supplies in video. “Like” us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/CakeSuppliesPlus Cake Decorating: How to Make Buttercream Icing. The recipe and technique for making buttercream icing used by the Winbeckler’s.


winbeckler-buttercream-bonanzaLearn from the Winbecklers!

If you are interested in learning more about buttercream, check out the Winbeckler’s class in Philadelphia, PA this December.

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Thanks for the tutorial! I don't have popcorn salt but I do like to add salt to my icing. What I do is take my pinches and dissolve them in a teaspoon or 2 of hot water and then add it in with my vanilla.


Love this recipe I have that's the only buttercream I use it's work's very good for me I live in the US Virgin Islands and nothing else work's better for me.


Love this recipe that's the only buttercream recipe I use it's work's very good for me I live in the US Virgin Islands and nothing else work's better for me excellent for piping.


It was smooth but I could not get past the taste. Like I dipped into a can of Crisco. Sorry, will be ditching this recipe


On my last visit to the US, I took some hi-ratio shortening back with me. It makes this frosting even more amazing. I love it! I've never achieved such a beautiful consistency in a frosting. Ingredients do matter!

For those who don't like the taste, I would recommend playing around with the flavorings. I put in the following: clear vanilla liquid, butter/vanilla essence, cherry essence, almond essence. They are just enough to give a depth of flavor, but it's not like you would think it tastes like cherry or marzipan due to the almond.