Sparkling Summer Wedding

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celadon green fondant coated in sparkling sugar. the bride had lots of sparkly things in the wedding--so the cake shouldn't be any exception. Brides colors were celadon green, chocolate brown and ivory. the camera can't capture the beauty of this cake. very pretty to walk by and see the thousands of bitty reflections. fun to make but very, very, very messy. my kitchen had sugar everywhere! Design from wilton tiered cakes book entitled Sparkling Tribute.

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My friends wedding cake was like this. are right! You can't appreciate the cake, unless you see it in person under some lighting. Lovely


After it was all stacked, i painted it in small sections at a time with piping gel. and quickly scooped up the sugar in my hands and pressed it to the wet piping gel. I worked form the top down. I hope this helps