Lots Of 1St On This One

Cake4Kids request:Oreos. A 1st for me 3 layers 6” chocolate batter with chunks of cookies added -another 1st Icing is b’cream with crushed cookies added- yep another 1st Drip — another 1st is melted candy melts-yuck -too thick to run & sets hard. I imagine it was a mess cutting it:( After going to 3-4 stores the yellow was the only melts I could find:( Not happy with it at all. Filled, crumb coat, finish coat all Oreos b’cream Hopefully the sweet gal enjoyed it more than I did

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Kakeladi, remember that one day in heaven we will be judge on the love we put on the things we did... not perfection. And doing cakes like this, with such love in your heart, put you closer to heaven each day. Rejoice, the cake is BEAUTIFUL! Blessed be your tender heart!


ReginaCoeliB said it much better than I ever could!  Your cake is beautiful and I know it was delicious.  I really doubt there was any trouble cutting the drip.  Others are not nearly as critical with our work as we are and I know this cake make a child very happy!