All Hallows' Eve

A cake to celebrate the Feast of All Saints. The message reads "The Just shall flourish like the palm tree." Triptych in gingerbread, decorated with fondant, dragees and royal icing. The cake is red velvet frosted and decorated with buttercream. Flowers in fondant.

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Thanks ladies for your lovely words. I made this cake for my parish. Besides expressing my deep love for my faith, I love the opportunity to try new techniques... as I did here. I used many molds and I made the mold I used for the corpus in the crucifix myself. I love to explore and manipulate the different materials I work with. I mix pastillage and fondant in different proportion until I get the consistency and flexibility I need. Piping the red lines on white background was a real pain! I think it took me some 8-10 hours to finish the whole cake.... Worth every minute!


One of the features I was (and still am) most admiring is the red piping on the white background!  It has to be absolutely flawless and your's is perfect!