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We started this new year with the firm promise of reducing our calorie intake... Oh, we fail so miserably! I made a traditional Uruguayan cake for a gathering with friends. Layers of syrup soaked sponge cake, dulce de leche, one baked meringue disk, sliced peaches and whipped cream as fillings. Covered with whipped cream, with baked meringues (whole and crumbled) and peach slices as decorations... I'll try to have just bread and water tomorrow!

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This is down right decadent and gorgeous!  Honey, you can only have water tomorrow.  Bread has too many carbs, lol!  I am fighting the same battle.


Are you serious @SandraSmiley? No bread?.....YIIIIKES! I'm gonna have to pick some dry grass in the backyard... for the fiber... you know!