Sweet Valentines - Blackberry Lemon Opera!

To honor the feast of St. Valentine and a twenty something years old love story with my beloved husband.... I made a treat, blackberry lemon opera. Layers of lemon syrup soaked joconde filled with white chocolate blackberry ganache and lemon French buttercream. The blackberries are from our summer harvest last year. Topped with blackberry glaze and fresh fruits. Decorated with a mixture of everything that was left on the bowls emptied in a piping bag! Happy Valentines for you all, stay safe and warm!

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Oh, thanks my dear...This citrusy treat would have been perfect for you... One of these days we will get together... you'll see! Cheers to Mike and the frozen fairy!


Nos la terminamos de comer ayer antes que empezara la cuaresma... las moras de mi jardin son ricas...pero ningunas moras como las moritas criolla de nuestra tierra! Un abrazo @Danecita!