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Top left - 8" round; all buttercream; tree is an ice cream cone covered w/an leaf tip; mini candy canes; piped poinsettias top right: close up of the bottom left; French horns are fondant painted w/gold dust mixed w/vodka; rolls of music fondant; wreaths, poinsettias & tiny snowflakes from royal icing; bottom left: tri level starts out as a 2 layer 12" sq. After icing the bottom layer in buttercream, cut a corner out of the next layer to be the 3rd layer. The tree is an ice cream cone covered w/tip 68 leaves & tiny dots from tip 2 Bottom right: 9" heart lightly airbrushed w/yellow; The candles are pipe b/cream ; tip 233 piped pine boughs; tip 104 pine cones. Design from Roland Winblecker (sp?)

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Thank you all:)   The 2 single layers (8”x2”) were part of some 10 or  12 made for a men’s lodge Christmas party  -one for each table   It was a bit hard coming up with so many different designs :)