My Own Birthday Cake

My Own Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Hello my dears,

last Friday was my birthday and I made myself a cake to match my dress. This cake has a story and although the lower Fondantwrap was flown in from Australia all the wy to Germany and I was able to pick it up from customs office on my birthday. Unfortunately, my gold did not arrive in time and I had to improvise. Then I am still Saturday night went into the woods and got myself branches and even found a pair of pumpkins, because we celebrated my birthday on Sunday and not on Friday. Was that an action with the torch run around at night;) But luckily I got it however still managed the cake to nearly 2 clock at night and complete the decoration.

Now look at the pictures, maybe you like it <3

You could see the photo from me and my dress at my facebookpage

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