Shabby Chic Anniversary

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I was asked to make an anniversary cake for my brother/sister-in-law. I wanted to be resourceful, yet beautiful. I decided to make the cake with a shabby chic look. I was going to use a metal spatula to create the indentations, but it was too narrow for the look I was going for. So, I grabbed a wooden spoon, my turn table and let 'er rip.

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I love this!  Was this a crusting BC?  If so did you use your wooden spoon on it before or after crusting?  Did you need to grease the spoon or anything?



Thank you so much!  I did not use a crusting buttercream since I did not need it to crust.  I smoothed out my buttercream  as much as possible to give me a clean slate to work with.  Then, I used the wooden spoon just after smoothing the buttercream.  I did not grease the spoon.  I just pulled it out of the utensil drawer and used it.   Hope this helps.