One Grumpy Onion

I love that my kids inspire me to keep my sense of humor when it comes to cake. My oldest son, Logan, is a big Plants vs Zombies fan, so I used the ‘Stunion’ as my inspiration for his 14th birthday cake this year. Last year, we did the ‘Snapdragon’, so I wonder what it will be next year? LOL I’ve wanted to do a flower pot cake for a while, and I like this rather nontraditional version. Thanks for looking! :)

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ok....I'm obviously out of "the loop".  Just googled Stunion (not, lol, spunion...) and discovered a whole world of plants vs. zombies I didn't know existed.   Silly me.

Anyway, after seeing Stunion, my respect for your cake is huge--I fully expect your Stunion could stop zombies for 24 seconds!!!