My Daughter's Beach Cake

This beach themed cake was created for my daughter Jasmine's 9th birthday. We had her party at her favorite place - a lake that she refers to as 'the beach', so she wanted a beach cake with a sand castle and a figure of her on it. The sand castle is made from rice cereal treats with crushed cookies and brown sugar for sand. The girl, bucket, and shovel are made from gumpaste. I used a mold for the starfish and shells - those are fondant. The cake is frosted with buttercream, and I also added some wave detail at the bottom using fondant and royal icing. Jasmine wanted her favorite ice cream flavors in the cake - so it is coffee chocolate chip cake, filled with vanilla buttercream and chunks of no-bake chocolate chip cookie dough. We had a fabulous day at 'the beach' and all the kids got a kick out of picking off the shells and eating them! :)


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