Castle Cake

Castle cake insides were vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream. The outside walls and towers are fruity pebble rice crispy treats (request of the customer) and those were covered in frosting and fondant. The door is made out of modeling chocolate. The gate is made out of black gumpaste and painted with metallic paint to give it a shiny iron look. The gate accidentally got stuck on there crooked, but it kept falling otherwise. The gargoyal is made out of modeling chocolate. The torches are made out of gumpaste and the fire is made out of pulled sugar. The stained glass windows are made out of melted sugar that were poured into molds and food colors were painted on the back to give it that look of being stained glass. It took a lot of trial and error, but finally have a decent method for those. This cake was lots of fun. The only thing I forgot were the window!


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