Minnie Cookie Pops With Tutorial :)

Items needed: Regular Oreos Mini Oreos Wilton Candy Melts (really need one color only) Clear baggies

Popsicle sticks Wheel cutter The new Wilton Silicone mold (birthday) or just a small heart cutter to make the bow :) Open big oreo and add a bit of chocolate to add the popsicle stick and the two small oreos (open them and take out the creme filling) put together. The bigger bow on the mold works Perfectly :) just cut the bottom of it as seen here then attach with a small amount of chocolate to the "ear cookies" Dip the front of the cookie only then assemble. See them here are all together I was going to use the white chocolate to add small white dots but after making a couple I decided they didn't look as good...... I think this way they are prettier!


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