Pirates Ship On The Ocean

Pirates Ship On The Ocean on Cake Central

This was my 4th fondant cake, this time for my son's 3rd birthday. Pirates was the theme, but he also liked Finding Nemo, so I went with my own combo! My dad made the pirate ship, and I made the cake and decorations.

A few notes on the decorations: the "sea grass" was made by pushing a ball of fondant through a sieve, cutting off with a sharp knife and laying immediately on a flattened piece of yellow fondant, slightly dampened with water to hold it. The coral stones were made by pushing a birthday candle tip in all over the top and sides! The smaller holed ones were done with a toothpick. Most of the fish were stuck onto the side of the cake with a blob of buttercream, but the largest Nemo wouldn't - I ended up pushing a toothpick in the back as deep as I could without going through, then pushing the other end into the cake - that and a little buttercream worked like a charm! The blacks of the eyes were done by dipping a toothpick into a bottle of liquid black food colouring, then touching it lightly to the white eye. I have no proper cake making equipment as such - if I can do it, anyone can!


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