Disco Dance Party Cake

Many thought this was a sweet 16 cake, but it was just for a very lucky 5 year old who's mom was throwing her a major party here in NYC. Originally the middle layer was going to be more rainbow and 70s themed, but I didn't really like the colors, and wound up peeling it off and just using the left-overs from the bottom layer to make the very simple revised second layer. In the end, I'm much much happier that I used this more simple color scheme. And, as it turns out, the decor for the party itself was all pink, black and silver! Total coincidence as the client never told me that! The ball is not cake, since I knew I'd need to work with it for a long time to get all those little squares on there, so I made it out of Krispie Treats, which are more sturdy and don't sag or melt like cake. I covered about 1/2 the globe in those individual squares before suddenly realizing it's a lot easier to just wrap thin strips around the globe and then cut the vertical lines with a sharp knife to make the squares right on the ball itself. It was a major 'duh' moment and tremendous time saver I can't believe I didn't think of to begin with! After all the squares were done, I sprayed it with edible silver food coloring that came in an aerosol can. Then I tapped and blew disco dust off a brush onto the wet spray paint for a very glittery effect, which is, unfortunately, not visible in pictures.


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