Superhero Skyscraper - Kind Of

This was for my son's birthday - it was my first attempt at oh so many things. Mainly because of this (and my awful time management), a LOT of things went wrong with this cake. I didn?t post it because it did not come out the way I wanted, but I?ve had a couple of requests and I?m proud of the idea behind it, so here goes. The top two tiers are chocolate filled with ganache, the bottom two are creme brulee cake with BC and caramel filling. The superheros and comic sounds are chocolate transfers. It was supposed to be covered in fondant (two layers w/ cutout windows), but my grey MMF was purple and totally the wrong consistency, so I had to do a last minute BC and didn't make enough so it's awfully crumby. My chocolate transfers fell apart because I didn't follow the directions fully, and it was my first time stacking more than two tiers so it wasn't quite stable and got a bit wonky. I've gotten better since then - go see my other photos, really! The transfers originally were Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, the Hulk, Superman, Wolverine, and Thor. My son loved it and so did everyone at the party - they even liked how it was leaning because they thought it looked like it was right out of a comic book. I also included a pic of the cake board - since that came out just the way I wanted!


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