There really isn't any catagory this fits in so I thought someone retiring might be planning to do some serious birdwatching :) After seeing someone on here make one of these I *JUST HAD* to make one. This is a dummy that I entered into my county fair and just now found out I won best of show :) I must say there were only 2 other enteries besides the 3 I entered:( Still it's a thrill to get best of show. It consists of a 4x1&6x1 on the bottom then four 4x2 layers; topped off w/a 6x1, 4x1 and 3x1. The top & bottom are covered in fondant. The center part is iced w/b'cream then rolled in a mixture of poppyseeds; sesame seeds; finely chopped dried cranberries; toasted cake crumbs & sunflower seed kernels. Birds are fondant; perches are pretzel sticks.


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