Olivia The Pig For My Niece, Olivia The Sweetie

Olivia the niece is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Olivia the Pig is RKT covered with modeling chocolate and dressed in fondant. I had a surprisingly difficult time with her. My first two attempts looked like real pigs, (I have a difficult time with cartoons), and the third looked just like "Miss Piggy"--- definitely not Olivia. The cake is two tiers, the first is WASC torted with choc chip cookie dough filling, the second is a choc chip cookie cake. Both are covered with white choc ganache and coated with homemade MFF, (white choc cheesecake flavor). The beach ball is a gelatin bubble, oh so carefully painted with edible marker, and the bucket is gumpaste, formed over a medicine dispenser cup. The sand is brown sugar.


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