Teapot Cake Featuring Disney's Belle And Aurora

Mother was holding a tea-party themed birthday celebration for her daughter. Among the finger foods and tiny sandwiches, she wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a teapot that featured the images of her daughter's two favorite Disney princesses: Belle and Aurora. The cake was baked in a Pampered Chef glass "batter bowl". It was then turned upside-down, so it was narrow at the top and wide at the bottom when on the cake board. The bottom was trimmed inwards to give a rounded base. Since the small cake would not be able to hold the weight of a purely fondant spout/handle, the spout and handle seen were carved out of styrofoam and covered with a thin layer of fondant. Thin wooden shiskabob skewers were measured were an inch or so was pushed into the spout/handle, and the remaining part of the skewer was positioned and pressed into the cake for each. The teapot lid and ribbon roses are fondant, and the princess pictures were buttercream transfers from line drawings.


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