Mega Chocolate Cake

Mega Chocolate Cake on Cake Central

The second cake from class: chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, embossed chocolate wrap, chocolate curls, and chocolate shards....whew!!

This was easier than it looked. Iced the cake with chocolate ganache (1/4 cup cream with 500g chocolate). Then chose a wrap (I choose moon and star pattern). Laid the wrap onto some greaseproof paper, and poured the melted chocolate on top (well, it's chocolate compound, not real chocolate). Picked it up by the paper and dropped it three times to bring any air bubbles to the surface, then wrapped that baby! (won't go into too much detail here as this could get really long, but did it on a lazy susan type turntable - much easier. Interesting to note that the method I have been taught is COMPLETELY different to what I see on here). Put it straight in the freezer so the next person could use the wrap. Again, running out of space to put detail about the curls & shards, but it was a fun cake to make!


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