This Cake Drove Me Insane!

This Cake Drove Me Insane! on Cake Central

The first cake I baked I cracked in half. The only reason I can think why is because I'm so sleep deprived that my brain wasn't functioning well when I decided to lift it off the cooling rack with my hands to place it on the board... After it was all decorated and I was getting the box put together, I some how messed up the whole side of the cake! Then when I delivered it the top had slid off! AHHHHHHH! I've never had that happen before, but i now realized that my mistake was putting a thin layer of buttercream under the strawberry preserves. I was just so tired I wasn't thinking right! Now I've just realized that the cake says Prince Michael (like michael jackson's son).... I thought I was being creative by putting that on there.... Oh well. At least everbody loved the cake and went back for seconds:)


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