Sarah's 21St

Sarah's 21St on Cake Central

My niece's 21st birthday cake. She requested a record player and this is my attempt at the Planet Cake version. The board was decorated with some of Sarah's favourite album titles. Put the cake on a cake card and then affixed the whole thing to the board with some ganache. When I covered the cake, I made sure that the best side was facing the front and I was pretty happy with it. The fondant is smooth and the corners were not too bad. Then I put all the bits and pieces on top and cut out the bits for the silver buttons, etc. After everything was done,...... I discovered that I had put it on the wrong way. There was a moment of panic and then I frantically turned the whole cake around before the ganache fully set. So now the slightly messy back is facing the front!!! Thank goodness for low lighting at the venue.


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