Super Mario Wii

I tried to combine the Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros theme....Austin was VERY surprised and so excited! Even though I look at it and think hmm shoulda coulda damn it! He belted out "ITS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT I WANTED!" so I'm over my shouldas haha! all the kids went crazy for the bonus mushrooms and star border!!( and yes...I shamelesly used foil for the board! I had no poor cake didnt even get baked til 2!! and the party was at 6! so please forgive the icing booboos also!)

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Oh, this is so adorable. I can see why the birthday boy LOVED it. It's so bright and cheerful and the characters are all so cute. Love the yellow ribbon. Phooey with the foil!


these are great! very realistic. they must have taken you forever! all those little bits of colored fondant. your son will love it