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The photo of this cake was given to me by the client... although I noticed that it is also on CC. The cupcakes were copied from ELISEAWOOD!!! Thankyou!!

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I have to do a mario brother cake and thios just blow me a way. How did you do the body and head and also arms. I would realy love it if you could help me with some tips from this cake. Thank you so so much


Firstly let me start b saying that the head of mario is a styrofoam ball, covered in fondant! The body is cake baked in a dolly varden tin and then carved to shape. The arms are rolls of fondant.. the raised arm has a chopstick going through it and shoved into side of cake. This wasn't difficult, but time consuming, and I took my time with it,,, . The blue overalls were done in two piees.. front & back, and then placed on cake. Cupcakes were easy!!!