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  • Heart Love potion ice cream cake (love potion is vanilla ice cream with swirls of raspberry and heart shape choc chips) with vanilla ice cream...
  • Lamb Chop For Australia Day Cookies and cream ice cream cake with vanilla ice cream frosting painted with gel colours.
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  • Bottle Of Wine Thanks have to go to Brenda (bdrider) for giving me help. I'm sorry I couldn't do her bottles any justice. It's chocolate...
  • Rose Bouquet This is a rose bouquet for a friend's MIL. She wanted something that no one else would ever bring and be nice. Nfsc with fondant....
  • Smiley Cookies For a friend. Nfsc and fondant
  • Ec Doll This is an EC doll from a show in the early 90's called Lift Off. EC stands for every child and if a girl had it it was called...
  • Ice Cream Cake Ice cream cake I made for mums birthday. She had the cake at yum cha and for my family who couldn't make it there I made an ice cream...
  • Cake For My Aunty Cake for my aunty. She's hardly been out in the last 2 weeks and plans on flying this cake back to sydney with her to keep with the...
  • Birhtday Cake For My Uncles Stepdaughter Birthday cake for my uncles step daughter.
  • Cake For My Mum Cake made for my mum to have at yum cha on easter sunday.