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I wanted to try this since seeing BEVERLEYS' version, man I was sooo dissapointed on how this turned out, it looks soo sloppy. I have soo much to learn. Thanks to BEVERLEY , for her inspiration It was a white cake with white chocolate buttercream, with raspberry filling.. I made this for my boys silent auction for their Christmas fundraiser, It only fetched $30.00, so not bad for such sloppy work.

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I don't think it's sloppy. Just remember that the average person has never seen anything like this, so people were wowed I'm sure. I think you did a great job. I'm not even going to attempt this cake!!!!!!


Thanks guys, the lest are just some cruddy modeling of fondant, Ishould have used rice Krispies, but they don't last long in my house with four kiddos! LOL!