Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece on Cake Central

Yes, another double-bundt pumpkin! Pumpkin cake on the bottom and a chocolate cake on the top with cake scraps to fill in the hole. Crusting cream cheese icing and fondant accents with gold+copper luster dusts. In retrospect I would have done the leaves and tendrils in gumpaste so they would have stood up off of the cake. Also I was running low on icing which is why my pumpkin "ridges" go out instead of grooving inwards. Whoops! It's not as noticeable if you aren't comparing it to a real pumpkin...

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WOW! did I miss this one! I agree with snowshoe. its definitely one of the best ones Ive seen! looks spectacular...and I cant believe you got that look with cream cheese icing!


Your leaves are amazing! It reminds me of bronze statues - terrific set-up (one of the nicest looking pumpkin cakes I've seen :) ).