For Those Who Stick Wires In Cakes

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yayabakes Posted 20 Feb 2015 , 2:54pm
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I'm glad I read this!  I'm putting together my first wedding cake tonight which includes some gumpaste flowers I've made and would need to apply with wires, and although I didn't plan on inserting the wires into the cake I did get some good alternate methods from reading this post.  Besides the gross factor, I never knew WHY we couldn't insert wires - but lead poisoning is more than reason enough!

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Smia Posted 2 Aug 2015 , 2:40pm
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I got the Duff Decorative Wires that is labeled as food safe. I wish I could find what wire they use and get more for other projects like wiring chocolate branches. 

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costumeczar Posted 2 Aug 2015 , 2:42pm
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I just use coffee stirrers or regular drinking straws and insert the wires into those, then stick that into the cake. No big deal.

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Shockolata Posted 4 Aug 2015 , 11:44am
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My neighbours brought us a piece of their wedding cake that had real flowers in it. It smelled nice but I was wondering about the safety of real flowers in the cake. A while later, I was feeling really poorly and had the worst bout of diarrhoea! I forbade my daughter to eat any when she got home from school. She was crying but at least she did not get ill. I really wanted to say something to the neighbours but not spoil their heart. I ended up saying nothing. But I am wondering about the pastry shop in the vicinity that makes these cakes. I have eaten from them before and they use non edible glitter (the Edable version... the one that caused the scandal and was shut down by the UK Food authorities. I had warned my decorating supply shop about Edable glitter and they put up a notice afterwards that it was meant to be used for removable decorations that will not be eaten, but it was a hard fight to persuade them and explain that edible and edable are not the same and that non toxic does not mean food safe. Sigh.) 

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-K8memphis Posted 4 Aug 2015 , 2:18pm
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i'm sorry that happened to you, shockolata -- it happens more often than we think/know because just like you most of us including me do not report and that mostly because we are not 100% sure  --

all that to say activated charcoal is a godsend -- available over the counter -- if your local pharmacy doesn't carry it you can have them order it or get it online --

best to you

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Shockolata Posted 6 Aug 2015 , 3:51pm
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Thank you K8memphis. We live and learn. I hope to be making more and more cakes for people in the future so they get to enjoy the taste of real ingredients. Used a bit of ready frosting (an American well known brand) the other day and almost threw up - it was that nasty! And to think that only a few years ago I used to eat it by the spoonful ...

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dgonzalez227 Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 8:03pm
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silly question speaking of wires and not using those, how come you can use stamens inside the edible flowers, are those safe as well>? 

 ive seen them all over the craft store and all you tubes say to use them but they also say use wires and tape.... all which in this thread, say aren't safe, so what Do you use? 

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Brookebakescake Posted 5 Nov 2015 , 12:51am
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There's a difference between edible flowers (say, out of buttercream), and "edible" flowers, out of gumpaste.  You *could* eat the gumpaste flowers, but most people would never WANT to.  So the flower is edible/food safe, but since they are typically removed before serving, the stamens are used. Same idea as the wires: most people use the wires in teh flower, but use a barrier such as a straw to keep the wire from touching the part of the cake people actually eat.

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WhiskandZest Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 5:50am
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Hello i am new to this forum and also a self taught newbie cake maker.... I wanted to ask. if you want to place only one wire into the cake what is the safest way to insert it and make sure it stays upright? i want to achieve what the pictures shows that i have attached :) [postimage id="3477" thumb="900"]

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Cakepro Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 6:24am
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Hello and welcome to the cake community!

The easiest way to stick the wire in the cake (which would also give it strength to hold the balloon up) would be to pipe some chocolate, candy melts, or almond bark into a narrow coffee stir straw and insert the wire into that.  The chocolate will harden and anchor the wire into the straw.  Make sure that the straw goes into the cake perfectly straight up and down, and just bend the wire to the desired angle where it meets the level of your cake.  :)

What size styrofoam ball are you using for the center of the balloon?

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WhiskandZest Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 6:43am
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Thank you for replying so quickly!

Is it safe to use the coffee stir straw purchased online as i don't think i can find there anywhere in my local shops..

also as for the size of the styrofoam ball I'm not 100% sure yet want to have a look at the size options in person to give a better idea.... thinking not to big so there isn't to much weight to it... :)

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Cakepro Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 7:24am
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You could probably find coffee stir straws in any fast food restaurant or convenience store that sells cups of coffee.  :)  

When you do decide on what size ball to use, you can make the wire stick in there very well if you use a small pair of needlenose pliers to bend the end of the wire into a small shepherd's hook (about 1/4 inch in length) and apply hot glue to the hook before you stick it in the ball.  That's also a handy trick for using styro balls as the center of heavy gumpaste peonies.  :)

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cakebaby2 Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 8:05am
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Well done for resurrecting this zombie thread, its as pertinent today as it was then and at least new cakers will see it x

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WhiskandZest Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 10:45pm
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thank you for the advice i will have to get myself a hot glue gun and give it a go! first time making it but it looks so fun I'm looking forward to it.

will also keep an eye out next time i grab a coffee :D

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WhiskandZest Posted 6 Apr 2016 , 10:46pm
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I was actually watching a few tutorials on youtube and thought.... It can't be right to put wire in a cake or even the flower stems.... and then i found Cake Central! :D such great ideas on concealing foreign items in a cake.

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