Somebody Stole The Cake

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angelicconfections Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:19pm
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icon_cry.gif I just have to vent, it really amazes me the lows people will stoop too. I did a wedding cake for a co-workers daughter, as she is family too I offered to keep and store the top layer for the new couple. I wrapped in very carefully in protective layers and kept it frozen for them. I brought the cake, still frozen in a special box I found at micheals with cute pics of cakes and cupakes decorating it. I also had found a mini figurine that was the same as the full size precious monment figure they used for thier topper. I brought it to work at the mom's request and placed it the cooler in the lunch room and when she went to get it just now it was gone! I'm tempted to search the cubicles for a big red cake box! I actually asked the security guard to keep and eye out but we believe it's gone for good. Really, although i am miffed i feel worse for the anniversary couple. I will make them a new one tonight, but it just isn't the same. I will never bring another cake to work again for a co-worker to take home what an unfixable disaster. At least they don't blame me, but the mom was nearly in tears when she came to find me. She had gone into the break room earlier today and had peeked at the cake to see the topper. grrr, but lesson learned


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dragonflydreams Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:23pm
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. . . are there security cameras in your place of business . . . I would definitely check into it . . .

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krystyne_wilson Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:38pm
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HOW TERRIBLE icon_sad.gif

I'm so sorry that that happened. I sure hope that you find out who did it and that they apologize for their actions...

Some people!

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ASimpleBaker Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:38pm
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OMG! They took the whole cake? The gall of some people.

I would have security search the cubbies for it since this is theft! I mean if they stole the cake from the wedding you would call the police right?

I would post a huge note on the fridge stating that unless the cake was returned or a suitable explanitation was given, I was going to involve the police in the theft of personal property.

Just my humble opinion (I have been at the mercy of work fridge theives too many times!!) icon_mad.gificon_mad.gif

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woodthi32 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:40pm
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"TEMPTED to search"? WHOA!! Do it! Seriously. There is nothing more you can do than have a security guard "keep a eye out"? There has to be a little further level you can take this to...... You poor thing. I am so sorry.............

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Chef_Rinny Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:42pm
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Thats awful! Some people have no conscious!

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janelwaters Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:42pm
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are you kidding me!!! Who would do something like that! What kind of place do you work. Would a co-worker do something like that??

thats just RUDE! I mean seriously - who steals CAKE!

I am so sorry that something like this has happened to you and to the couple.

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tonicake Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:52pm
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Seriously! As much as I LOVE to eat cake - I'd never steel one! There is either some one who must be "starving" (check all dieters you know of) or they are just hateful!!!

I just almost can't believe some one would or could be so ridiculous!

I am truely sorry this happened to you and the mom.

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Pookie59 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:57pm
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I'm not surprised because thefts from the lunchroom fridge have been common occurrences at most places I have worked at. And we're not just talking about Christmas hams received as gifts from clients, we're also talking about sack lunches and leftovers for crying out loud! Who in their right mind would steal someone's leftovers? Yes, there are some pretty low class types out there. Hope the culprit is found out and FIRED!

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thecakemaker Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:58pm
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That's crazy - some people will do anything!

I worked for a summer at a plant when I was in high school where everything would disappear out of the fridge before lunch time - especially cake and/or goodies. After having my stuff stolen a few times I baked a batch of brownies with the added bonus of chopped up exlax chunks in it and put them in the fridge as usual. Well, they were gone by lunch time. I didn't work near the bathroom so I don't know who ate them but nothing was stolen for the rest of the summer!

Anyhow - my point is - maybe do the same thing. I know it won't help what happened this time but maybe it will keep it from being done again in the future!


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ncbert Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 6:59pm
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That's awful......shame,shame on them!

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Rebelady Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:05pm
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Un-freaking-believable!!!! icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif I would be furious! Trust is such a big deal for me, if I didn't find out who took it I would always be wondering who I could and couldn't trust in the office. As a side night though I'll tell you what happened to our top tier. We were not leaving for our honeymoon until two days after our wedding. On the evening after our wedding we were at home and packing and my DH says he thinks he'll have a piece of the leftover cake, I say get me one too. Five minutes later he appears with two perfectly cut wedges of cake. They look nothing like how the cake was cut at the reception so I ask him where he got them from. He says from that cute little cake that they sent home with us. He had cut the two pieces from the top tier. Our cake didn't last 24 hours let alone a year. Every year on our anniversary I order a six inch cake in the same flavors as our original and we have a good laugh over it. icon_lol.gif I'm sure that the new cake you make for them will open up a new tradtion for them also!! Good Luck with finding your crook and sorry this happened to you!!

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wrightway777 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:12pm
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So did you find it in someones cube? I think you should make another one...spike (dont) it heavily with exlax* hopefully it will get stolen. I guarantee you they will never steal anything again**!

*disclaimer: the above i would never do and do not promote anyone else ever doing...even if it is to teach a valuable lesson. Just had to get a chuckle. icon_wink.gif

**wait wait! Better yet - put a sign on the fridge and say that you need it returned b/c it was a 10 year old cake that was not supposed to be eaten and if someone does they will become VIOLENTLY ill. Tell them to leave it in your cube when everyone is gone or just return it to the fridge (so no questions asked).

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marccrand Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:19pm
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This past Spring I lost a jacket that I swore I brought to work. Since it was warm when I came to work, I usually just carried it inside and wore it to go home in the evening when it was cooler.

I really thought it was stolen because I couldn't find it anywhere. We have cameras inside the doors of our suite so I talked to the security guy and told him what day I lost it. He looked back at the footage and showed me that I wasn't carrying the coat by the time I got to the suite. We went back the night before and saw that I wore it out so it wasn't taken while at work. Maybe I dropped it when I got out of the car or something. Bummer!

If you have security guys you probably have cameras somewhere. It's not like someone is going to put this box of cake in their purse as they walk out. Ask to look at the footage for the night, surely you can see a big red box being carried out. Then you can take appropriate action.

So sorry this happened to you! icon_cry.gif

Edited to add: Unless they ate it at their cubie. An entire 6" by yourself? Hope it makes them sick! icon_wink.gif

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Aliwis000 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:25pm
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Reading that makes me so mad!!! I wish very bad things on people like that. And perhaps that is not very christian of me but I hate stories like that. I mean its not like it was someone who was stealing bread to survive this is just out right theft. People like that .....well like I said bad bad things should happen to such selfish buttheads.


I am so sorry for you and couple!

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pinktea Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:25pm
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Next time frost it in an E-Lax buttercream. You will find you cake napper in about an hour or less.

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Wildrose6633 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:29pm
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I would casually watch for someone who can't make eye contact with you usually when someone has done something like that even if they don't realize it they can't look at you or become very uncomfortable in your presence. Keep an eye out for someone who had a casual work relationship with you suddenly avoiding you. Some people no longer have a concience. icon_sad.gif

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cutthecake Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:30pm
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Remember the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine ate someone's cake from the work refrigerator? It had been purchased at an auction and was from some royal wedding (or something like that). It was many years old. She tried to replace it with Entenmann's. I don't remember the outcome, but it reminds me of this situation. Shame on the cake thief.

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covered-in-sugar Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:37pm
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I can't believe people! If it isn't yours, then don't touch it!!!

People are just rude and who gave this person the right to help themselves to the cake???

Sorry this happened.... : (

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misha35 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:38pm
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Oh I love that Seinfeld.
It was her bosses cake. He said he would not punish her because the havoc the cake would reek on her digestive system was punishment enough!

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sweetsbystacy Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:39pm
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OMG that is horrible. Some people have no shame!

I love the idea about the note on the fridge saying the cake was inedible.....I would love to see the person's reaction when they saw it.

I loved the ex-lax in the brownies story too! LOL.....I was a teacher before I had my daughter and you couldn't leave anything in the teacher's lounge fridge.....TEACHERS! Most of us bought mini-fridges to keep in our rooms. SO sad.

Keep us updated on what happens!

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chutzpah Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:44pm
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Sweet jesus what is WRONG with people?

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FrostinGal Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 7:56pm
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Chutzpah, I'm hoping that was a rhetorical question. LOL There's not enough bandwidth for us to go THERE!
So sorry about the cake. Very sad.

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indydebi Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:02pm
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Theft of the lunchroom 'frig is VERY common. One lady said she'd never put anything in the frig unless it was taped AND stapled shut. She brought in some leftover Chinese one day and someone went in and ate all the meat out of it!! icon_surprised.gif

Hubby worked at a place where it was common knowledge that one guy would peek in all the lunch bags and take whatever he wanted. his logic was "well, they left it in there!" Yes, he was caught frequently, told about it, and it did no good. Because ......

..... at most of the places we've worked at, management tends to take the attitude of "it's just lunch thefts ... it's not like it's something important or valuable" and wouldn't really do anything about it.

One lady I worked with a long time ago would put a note on her lunch that said "I spit in my food". Another lady put a note on her lunch that said "Property of (name of Office VP)".

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Pookie59 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:24pm
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Maybe a bio-hazard warning would deter the thiefs.

An incident from years ago ... a young female coworker had to bring a urine sample to her doctor. The appt. wasn't until the afternoon, so she put it in a jar, put the jar in a paper bag, stapled it shut and wrote "DO NOT OPEN" on the bag and stuck it in the fridge - someone pulled open the bag anyway. Guess they got a shock.

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ljhow623 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:32pm
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And that's exactly why I don't bring cakes to work and put them in the frig that are for my co-workers.

I think it's the same where ever you work. People are unbelievable at things they do. Last year I brought in a grilled hamburger and hot dog for lunch and put it in the refrigerator until lunch time. Well don't you know it was gone! I was so mad. Mad enough that at the next managers meeting I stood right up and told our CEO and President that we have thieves amoung us because someone stole my lunch. They were horified at the situation and asked what I had brought. I told them and would you believe it was my president!!! He threw it out on me because he was in a cleaning mood.

Just goes to show you it could be anyone.

Sorry this happened but I'm sure they will enjoy a fresh cake just as much.

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Wesha Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:33pm
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I am so sad to hear about what happened. The nerve of this individual to take something that does not belong to him or her. Maybe they never heard of the commandment Thou shalt not steal.

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eggsnbakin Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:41pm
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My dad use to work at a truss company, and he would take a can of soda with him every day to have with his lunch.....and every day it wouldn't be there when it was lunch time. It made him really mad, and we would tell him "it's just a soda" to which he replied, "it's the principle of the matter."

So, he starting taking a permanent marking and putting a big dot on the bottom of the can. Pretty soon, he noticed someone taking a big swig out of a soda can with a fat dot on the bottom! He confronted him and the guy was so embarrassed. He didn't steal from dad anymore.

In your case it was a cake, and I don't know what compels people to do the things they do!

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lilahcakes Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:54pm
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That is awful, Im so sorry for you and the couple. Some people ....

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michellenj Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 8:56pm
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At my old hotel, a co-worker of mine threw me a little surprise birthday party, and used someone's top tier. icon_surprised.gif She was like "I thought it was extra" because it was still in the cooler that Monday, the MOB hadn't picked it up yet. Whoops.

I have been stolen from in every way possible. Mostly by employees. My favorite was the "Great Clinique Heist". Clinique was having a meeting at my hotel, and we stored a ton of boxes of makeup in a closet for them. Sometime, in the middle of the night, someone went through all the boxes, picked out the products that they wanted, makeup brushes, etc. I'm talkin THOUSANDS of dollars of makeup stolen.

One of my female PREGNANT employees was sneaking into my office and stealing my credit cards and using them. At the Columbus Day sale she bought a mountain of stuff at macy's, then later spent $900 on Calvin Klein Jeans and $1300 in the toddler boys dept. at Lord and Taylor. Her roomate, another employee of mine, turned her in, and she was arrested, sent back to Columbia.

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