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mkolmar Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 11:56pm
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Hey everyone, didn't want this thread to die after it's been going on for so long.
Ohara--I'm glad you had a great family trip. How much has the baby grown?

Tonight was cheese pizza.

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kaychristensen Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 9:38am
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HEY TWIN Great minds think alike LOL

We can't let this tread die out..So many friend have bonded because of this thread.

We are one big supper table where we share our food, our fears, our triumps, and everyday life....

So to get it going again

I am one crazy person (as is mkolmar melissa)

I started a new part time job last week (decorating cakes at a grocery store) and decorated from home 2 B-Day cake and another B-Day cake and 4 sheet cakes for a 70th B-Day..Totally insane week...

What did we eat I have no recollection LOL

I think one day was sloppy joes and fries
And I am not sure what the rest of the week was..

Tonight was Jordan's Junior prom.. I am one proud MOMMA tonight..He was so handsome and hie girlfriend looked like a princess..She was beautiful..

As I had a very hard week I didn't cook again tonight unless you count french fries LOL But I am making myself a salad as I type..


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Ohara Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 12:45pm
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Hello table friends.

Hard to believe we have only been home a week. It seems like forever since I was enjoying nice weather. I know spring is coming. Just not fast enough for me. I'm watching the weather for Easter Sunday. I need to decide what will be worn. Last year I bought DD 2 dresses with the matching sandels because she couldn't decide which to buy. It snowed and she didn't get to wear either on Easter. Good news is she still is the same size so either will work, not sure if that is her plan though icon_wink.gif I have no idea for me. I don't feel like buying something new. I already have a new outfit for the baby.

Melissa.....the baby is growing like a weed. I swear I can sit and watch him grow. He just turned 4 months. I will try and post new pictures soon. I am cheering you on with school. Your almost there. I am so happy for you!!!Question...can you tell me how to do baked potatoes that are covered in sea salt? You know like red lobster does. DH loves them done that way. I have tried several times and they just aren't quite right. Doesn't seem to be difficult in theory...I just can't seem to get it right.

Kay.....CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!! Girl I don't know how you will find time in your busy day for a job. Any news on you DH's job?

Food this week.....
Wed..... leftovers
Thurs......fried chicken and homemade mac n cheese
Fri....had friends over, we ordered pizza and opened a bottle of wine. We also had cake ( I made a lemon cake and also a chocolate with ganache).
Sat...sloppy joes with leftover mac n cheese.
I hope not to have to cook today. I think we will go out after church and we have a party to go to tonight. My BFF's daughter just graduated from college, I know that there will be food, and store bought cake icon_surprised.gif
I'm not really baking big order cakes right now...not really enough time in my day with the baby. I know others do it....I'm just not interested right now.

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mewie Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 1:03pm
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Hi Everyone-

Glad we all found eachother again!

Kay-congratulations on your job
Ohara-glad your trip went well and you had a great time
Melissa-Probably the worst part is just before graduation, I know it was for both my girls, but hang in there, everyone is pushing for you!!

Well on to food

Wednesday we had tuna casserole, fruit and rolls
Thursday we had Mr subb
Friday was scallops, mac and potato salad, fruit
Saturday my DH braved the cold and used the bbq for the first time
grilled chicken, smashed potatoes, beans, corn and strawberries!
some combo!

Hope everyone stays well, talk with you soon!

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mommicakes Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 1:04pm
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Birthday cake for us here tonight. pizza earlier as a snack, and some popcorn for the movie. Think I covered all the food groups. icon_lol.gif

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leily Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 5:36pm
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Yeah! everyone is coming back to the table! I know I was gone forawhile even before the crash, but March is a busy month.

It is starting to warm up here and I can't wait!

Can't remember everything I have had but...

Spagetti (to many times to count, way to easy to make and BF's favorite meal)
Homemade chicken nuggets
Baked chicked w/broccoli
Chicken, 4 cheese rice, and broccoli (another quick one, but one of our favorites)

Any a few other nights we ate out...

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mkolmar Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 9:06pm
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Woo-Hoo! The girls are back, all we need is just the others and we are set! OF course new table friends are always welcome to join in our friendship and pull up a chair also!

Glad to see you all are doing great. (Congrats to my twin Kay on the Job!) Thanks for all the support, I sure do need it right now.

Tonight is breakfast food. My daughter wanted to make dinner so right now she is making bagels, fruit and yogurt. She's mixing together coconut cream yogurt with key lime pie yogurt for me. Pretty inventive I think icon_wink.gif

I decided not to continue with the application process for a full-ride scholarship to the university of Toledo I was up for. You needed to go to school more hours than I would be able too. Life is crazy and my kids need me more right now. I will try to go back in 2 years when my little one is in kindergarten. I plan in the meantime to try to get in to apprentice under a pastry chef hopefully. However, right now I have to focus on the next 6 weeks of work until I graduate.
Leily--How's school going
Mewie--Thanks for all the love girl icon_biggrin.gif
mommicakes-good to see ya again.
Ohara-I've never ate at red lobster but you might be able to find the recipe at topsecretrecipes.com

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Daisys_Cakes Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 12:39am
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Hi! Glad to see this post is back! I will post later when I have time.


P.S. Janine I have pictures from the Steven C Chapman concert for you.

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kaychristensen Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 7:00am
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Ok tonight I made a crockpot meal.. I got the recipe from recipezaar but tweeked it some.

It consists of sliced potatoes, carrots,celery,onion and cooked of Hamburger(I already have this done and in the freezer) So it is layered and then you add brown gravy mix, cream soup,garlic seasoning and milk..Cook in crockpot on high for about 3 to 4 hours..But I made a huge batch which took longer..But it is so yummy..

I am feeling alittle better today..Alot more rested..Melissa I am sorry to here you aren't going to do the classes..But family always needs to be first..I know mine is..

I am glad everyone is making there way back to supper..

I haven't read everyones posts yet just skimmed through..I will catch up later

Ohara I can't wait to see vacation pics at the sugar table I will be posting Jordan's prom pics on there soon oh and a crap load of cakes

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janine1972 Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 8:21am
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Hi Everyone!

I am so glad that this thread is brought back to life - whoo hoo!

I have missed all you wonderful people!

kay - congrats on the job - sure sounds busy!
ohara - Glad the trip was great
melissa - hang in there, your time is almost up for studying - hope you finda post soon!
daisy - hi there - i would love to see the pics - if you want you can e-mail me - i will pm the address to you in a moment!

i am glad cc is up and running smoother - lol i havent been on for a while - just got to post my pics, then it would bump me off - hope i am here to stay now - lol

lets see - food - mmmmm
Sunday stew and bread - it is freezing here, non stop raining since saturday and bbrrrr!!

Monday - we had power cuts, so cooked tinned sweetcorn with cheese sausages over the gas stove - lol and had it on toast - made in the frying pan - it felt like camping - he he

well, i hope you all have a wonderful day! and it is great to see you all at the supper table again!


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Ohara Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 10:58am
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Janine we also are getting rain. We are expecting 3" today and tomorrow. We are also expecting flooding. Our house sits fairly high so I'm not worried about us. Of course we have a couple of doctor appointments today so I have to be out and about with the baby icon_cry.gif Can you all tell how excited I am about today?!

Kay with that recipe, did you mix the gravy mix and cream soup together or throw them in?

Last night was baked pork chops with stuffing and carrots.

I have no idea what tonight will be. DD's appointment is at 4pm. So we will be late getting home, well, late to start dinner.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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janine1972 Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 12:42pm
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Ohara - good luck on the appointments - and yeah - you look and sound extatic about it - he he he - just joking!

i hope that you dont get any flooding - and that your trip with little one to the doc is safe!

as for tonights dinner - i am thinking a fried steak, with potato that is floured and shallow fried, with corn and maybe a bit of pasta or sallad - mmmm!

hope youre all fine

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Sparklepop Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 8:44am
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Well guys, thought I'd pop in and let you know what's been happening to me, as I haven't been around for a while.

The beginning of the New Year bought on a lot of changes in our household with my daughter starting University, my eldest son didn't get into Uni so he is doing Engineering at TAFE instead and my youngest son is in an accelerated learning class in high school. They all had changes and no one is sure they're doing the right course, so everyone likes to use me as a sounding board. Thank goodness I have nothing better to do icon_eek.gif . I really don't mind.

My in-laws are not in the best of health and we've had to organise assisted living accommodation for them, that is a feat in itself trying to get 2 people into the same village and finding a nice one added in. I've done the rounds of homes, made countless phone calls (luckily I don't work and have plenty of time on my hands icon_confused.gif ) and on the weekends hubby and I have been visiting them, thank goodness taking in turns with his other brothers as they live 2 hours away. She's been in hospital 6 times this year with Diabetes problems (cause she doesn't eat) and heart problems and he has Parkinson's Disease and gets confused rather easily, they've had carers in but they are now beyond they're help.

I decided to put my name down for Secretary at our local Cake Decorators Guild, which involves quite a bit of time but it's something I was quite happy to do and I'm enjoying, I think icon_rolleyes.gif .

On top of all this my little home business that only gets a few cakes a year has decided to get rather busy, that good right thumbs_up.gif ? It's just getting the time to do it.

Sorry to unleash this on you guys but I haven't been ignoring you it's just getting the time at the moment. Hopefully things will even out shortly.

Oh also waiting for CC to load before took forever and I would always have a queue to use the computer, kids wanting to talk to me or the phone ringing.

Oh yeah this is What's for Supper not What's my Whinge. Being Good Friday we had fish and chips from the local fish shop with scallops (not sure what you call them may be potato fritters) they're rounds of potatos in batter and deep fried, obviously great for my diet icon_lol.gif

Thanks for listening guys, have a great Easter. icon_smile.gif


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janine1972 Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 9:35am
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Hi lyn - glad youre back

sorry youve had your hands so full, and sorry about the in laws, it is not an easy thing! as for the kids, youre the best sounding board for them! and i hope that your business does good, as for whinge, thats what we are here for too, not just to hear what you ate - lol but to be a shoulder to lean on too! i hope that things will start evening out for you soon, the secretary job sounds fun! hope you enjoy it all! and you will be in my prayers and the inlaws too! big hug!

for dinner today, we are gonna do a bbq, some steak and chicken drumsticks marinaded with spare rib marinade, a pasta sallad , some bread rolls and then for dessert - homemade vanilla choc chip muffins - lol

And hope all are doing well.


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Katie-Bug Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 12:42pm
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Hi everyone! I have been reading this thread and was wondering if I could join in?

I am in the process of testing meals for a new personal chef venture I am wanting to start, so some nights I may cook two or three meals and then not cook again for several days. It really is nice!!

Last night I cooked steaks on the grill and baked potatoes and then I did a Chicken and Hashbrown Casserole and a Roast with Carrots, Celery and Onions. The roast is really good, not so sure about the chicken.

It is hashbrowns on the bottom of a casserole, with cooked chicken and mushrooms on top. I then made a sauce of chicken broth, cream of chicken, onions, red bell peppers, and some seasoning. Top with sliced almonds and bake at 350. I'll have to let you know how it turns outs, hopefully good!! It was super easy.

Melissa, I hate that you will not be able to contunie your classes. Maybe you will have fun and be able to get back in later. Also, Lyn, I hate that your in-laws are having such a hard time.

Hope you don't mind me joining in, Thanks Katie

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Ohara Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 12:49pm
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Katie....WELCOME to the table. Of course you can join in. Grab a chair and stay for awhile. Please do let us know how the chicken one turns out. I am always open to new and easy recipes. Again...glad to have you join us.

Lyn...glad to see you back. You can unload on us any time. Sorry things have been so crazy for you. Hopefully things will start to slow down for you soon.

Janine...We finally saw the sun yesterday. icon_lol.gif We are expecting yucky weather tonight into tomorrow. We are getting more snow icon_cry.gif

Easter Sunday is going to be very cold here. No little sun dresses or sandals for us. I don't cook on Easter so we will go out after church. It's the only holiday that isn't a cooking "event" for me. So I love it. I think we will all be together for church and dinner. Even the older kids. I am looking forward to it.

The baby got his 4 mo shots yesterday. He is not doing well with them at all. The nurse jabbed him in both legs at the same time icon_surprised.gif I have never seen anyone give shots in such a manner. His one leg (the one that got 2 shots) is so sore he cries when ever he moves it. He was so uncomfortable all he did was scream a good part of yesterday. Hopefully today is a better day for him.

I haven't really cooked a lot this week. It's been a busy one.
Last night was breakfast for dinner, we had ham, eggs, and pancakes.
I would like to grill out tonight, but I'm not sure the weather will cooperate.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

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mkolmar Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 2:01pm
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HI EVERYONE! Welcome to the table culinarycreations!

Last night was breakfast food since I had to work at the Ymca. Wed. night was suppose to be eggplant parm. but my 2 year old decided to throw some cans of tomato soup out of the cupboards and dented some cans so we had tomato soup with grilled cheese instead.

Culinary-I'll go back to school if possible in 2 years. I want to teach culinary arts in the future--will take at least another 10 years for that to happen, but I'm ok with that. Right now I'll just be taking side classes and going from there. I still have a lot to learn first. Good luck with the menu planning. How exciting!

janine--Girl, you better be sharing that vanilla choc. chip muffin recipe icon_wink.gif PLEASE!!!! It's not attractive when I beg. icon_lol.gif

Sparkle--MY goodness are you busy. I hope things slow down for you soon and your in-laws get better. I'm sure it's not easy right now.

Ohara- Do you have some flooding? We do here

Kay- Yep, family always comes first. Your crock pot meal sounds so good.

Deb--glad you found us again girl.

Have to get back to the kids. Chat with you all later on.

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janine1972 Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 5:56am
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Kati - Hi and welcome! sounds like youre having lots of fun!

Ohara - I am so glad you got to see the sun! lol And i am sorry to hear your weather is going bad again - lol here it is getting colder too - had way too much rain! oh well - soon you will be having the nice weather , soon!
I hope that the little one is feeling soo much better today - shame man, i cant believe that they do it like that! makes me want to go bop that nurse or whoever on the nose!

mkolmar - i will get the recipe to you soon ! should i put it on here??? And no, you dont have to beg - lol i have no problem sharing! lol

Yesterday we had bbq for lunch with a pasta sallad, corn and some potatoes - lol very well balanced diet - lol

then for dinner we just made tuna mayonaise rolls!

let me go find the recipe, so i can post it on here for you

Hope all are well, and having a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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Ohara Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 9:37am
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Melissa...yes, flooding all around here. Our sump pump has run a lot. Are you getting snow today? We were supposed to but I think most has gone north. Are you kids on spring break this coming week? My DD started Good Friday.

Janine...that's funny cause I wanted to BOP her as well!! Not only then but, each time he's crying and nothing makes it better. I was just thinking about you and wondering since we are going into spring you must be heading into fall? Does your weather get very cold in the winter? Sorry If I sound dumb asking. icon_redface.gif

I actually got to grill steaks out last night. I fed DD early and DS went out so my husband and I ate alone icon_eek.gif lol well at least until the baby started fussing.Then it was just the 3 of us. icon_wink.gif
We had steaks, foil pack potatoes on the grill as well, sweet corn and Italian bread.

Kay....I know you are so busy....just wanted you to know that you are missed!!! Look forward to you getting a chance to check in!

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kaychristensen Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 10:18am
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Quik Fly by LOL

I have been reading to keep up but don't really have time to post much..

Job is going great..And any of you who knew that DH could possible have a layoff he was spared tis time.. Thank God..But I am worried about the others that were layed off..Granted it is temporary for our plant but another plant that makes generators closed there doors and are going bankrupt.. So right now in our town at least 300 people are without jobs..

Food for tonight was DD favs meatloaf, cheesy mashed potaotes, peas.. and for DH I made fries and greenbeans to go with the meatloaf..DS had to work so he ate there..

I will try to keep up and try to post when I can.. HHHUUUGGGGSSS to everyone

And SPARKLE I AM GLAD you are back and hope everything works out for you..

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wgoat5 Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 12:21pm
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Hi guys sooo glad to be back...I really thought this thread would be lost icon_sad.gif but so glad that it wasn't icon_biggrin.gif

Anyways supper table hasn't been very good for me icon_sad.gif I have a ulcer (rather large) at the opening of my knew stomach opening. It's so large that when it acts up it is sometimes 5 days before I can get nutrition. So I drink a lot of protein shakes. My hair is falling out and my nails are so soft the just tear right off icon_sad.gif . But I do cook for my dear family.

I want to stress thought that I would have surgery again in a heart beat. I used to weigh over 300 pds. and I am under 200 now, I think I have lost around 130 pds.

Monday - strawberry salad with pecans and grilled chicken breasts.

Tuesday - Tuna fillets over yellow rice and black beans

Weds. Hamburgers and roasted new potatos

Thursday- homemade french bread pizzas with a cheese dipping sauce (only way the kids will touch these kinds of pizzas

Friday (Good Friday) so they had to eat grilled cheese sandwiches. And they snacked on apples and bananas...they sorta gave up food for Good Friday

Tonight will be grilled BBQ chicken, fried cabbage (DH's fav, used to be mine icon_cry.gif ) and corn on the cobb (will never be able to eat this again icon_sad.gif ) and some of the homemade angel biscuits that I have made up for Sundays dinner.

3 hours of church tonight and in the morning then we will eat and of course it is supposed to be cold so the kids are bummed icon_sad.gif

I want to tell you all about the cake central throwdown.... It's a contest that Teekakes got started and I happen to be the one she asked to do it with icon_smile.gif . Please tune into the CakeCentral throwdown thread (I don't know which area PlayingwithSugar is putting it though, might be General or Cake decorating) and cast your votes and comment please, who knows one of you might be next icon_biggrin.gif . We aren't putting a name on the cakes so nobody will know which is which icon_smile.gif. Hope you all will check....they will be shown around 3 pm cst. icon_smile.gif

(((((big hugs))))))))) to my table friends.


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mkolmar Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 12:45am
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happy easter everyone! May that bunny left you lots of little candy eggs (not those little chocolate looking pellets that they normally leave.) icon_lol.gif
I ate so much I feel like I could burst. Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweetened sweet potatoes, spinach casserole, corn casserole, green beans, spiked pineapple icon_wink.gif (guess who made that one!), homemade mac n' cheese, 3 bean salad, pasta salad and yeast rolls. For dessert there was oreo cheesecake, thin mint cookies, chocolate-chocolate chip walnut cookies, coconut-pineapple cake, chocolate caramel cake, yellow cupcakes with buttercream, and candy by the loads!
This month will be crazy for me so I more than likely will be missing from the table for a while, but I'll try to check in.

Christi--when are the pictures coming of the cake-off! I was following it and can't wait to see what you both did!

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Ohara Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 1:44am
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Melissa, here's the link Christi posted on another thread...


Hope that helps.

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 2:02am
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Hello icon_smile.gif

Melissa the thread is in the General forum icon_smile.gif . The pics are up ! icon_smile.gif Please vote

For supper today they were serving spiral glazed ham, sweet potato casserole, chinese slaw, potato salad, pea salad, green beans, ambrosia salad, homemade 3 cheese mac, rkt's, coconut cake and pecan carmal white chocolate chip brownies plus the angel biscuits icon_smile.gif

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter icon_smile.gif

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 2:04am
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Hello icon_smile.gif

Melissa the thread is in the General forum icon_smile.gif . The pics are up ! icon_smile.gif Please vote

For supper today they were serving spiral glazed ham, sweet potato casserole, chinese slaw, potato salad, pea salad, green beans, ambrosia salad, homemade 3 cheese mac, rkt's, coconut cake and pecan carmal white chocolate chip brownies plus the angel biscuits icon_smile.gif

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter icon_smile.gif

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janine1972 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 6:29am
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Ohara - lol, i wish you had bopped hr - lol she would have deserved it! how is little one doing??
as for fall, yup that it is here, and it is the coldest one we have had since i can remember - lol so i uess this winter is gonna be one heck of a cold one - and then i must say - I HATE WINTER!!!!!!, i cant stand wearing so many layers of clothing - lol
but i guess we will survive - lol, normally our winters are cool, not really so cold, we have a few very cold days, then the rest are normally cool, most years, i havent needed to wear a jersey - as i dont get cold easily - lol but i think this year is definately gonna be freezing - oh well, we will survive - he he he

well, we had bbq with my folks last night - some chicken, steak and some wors (beef sausage!) some mixed sallad, and a potato bake, and corn on the cob!

Christi - I will keep you inmy prayers, ihope that there issomething they can do for you, yousure have been having a rough time of it! I hope you are feeling better soon

hope all are well, oh i havent forgotten the muffin reipe, will send it later today!
big hugs to all

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mkolmar Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 9:12pm
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I voted Christi! My goodness was it hard to decide. They both looked amazing!

Janine--I'm sick of winter too, but you are just getting in to it while we are leaving it. For easter the kids had their egg hide out in 7 inches of snow! My parents refused to bread tradition and let them have it inside the house. Bundle up and stay toasty warm.

Ohara--is the baby feeling any better after his shots. That mean nurse should have been shot!

Tonights dinner is breaded eggplant with spinach and cheese stuffed shells with a marinara sauce, seasoned green beans and garlic toast. I'm working out tonight, wish me luck, I just might collapse I'm so out of shape!

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kaychristensen Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 8:44am
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It has been insane..I wasn't getting anybody needing cakes...So I apply for a job decorating and get it now People are falling out of the woodwork wanting cakes..Granted some are family..But dang I am busy.. I maybe had 1 a week before now I have at the least 3 a week plus working 3 hours each day 3 days a week..And running kids GGAAHHH...

Ok tonight was taco salad or tacos your pick or sandwiches was what DH picked..

I hope everyone is doing ok I didn't have time to read up I hope I can soon..


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Ohara Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 10:40am
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I voted also. Two really beautiful cakes!

The baby is feeling better. Sunday was the first day he wasn't so crabby. Poor little guy. He is at such a fun age though. He is laughing and wants to play. I love spending time with him. I have no idea how long we will have him, I just know that I will love him and enjoy him every moment I can.

Melissa...we got lucky and missed the Easter snow. It was very cold though. I am so ready for warm sunny weather. This is spring break week and there is a chance for rain for the next 7 days.

Janine....I also hate winter!!! And this years is hanging on and just won't let go!! LOL I can't wait to BBQ and eat outside in the evening.

Christi...I hope you are feeling much better soon. I had wondered if you would do it all over again (the surgery). I'm glad the positives still win out over the negatives.

Kay...glad you checked in. I'm shocked you are making dinner as busy as you are. Hope you are well, take care of yourself.

Saturday we had Italian subs (made here at home).
Sunday we went out after church. Then for evening , we had black bean soup I had started in the crock pot before church.
Monday we had chili 5 ways. My girlfriend makes this and my DH asked her to make it so she made the chili and I did the "ways"lol I also made a German Chocolate cake, as it is both of our hubbies favorite cake. It did turn out, it was very yummy.
No idea what's for dinner tonight. DH has been wanting meatloaf, so maybe tonight.
Have a great day friends! Hope some of our new table friends stop back by.

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wgoat5 Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 11:01am
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Ohh everybodies food sounds SOOOO good!!!!!

Can you give me your recipe for german chocolate cake Ohara?

This is hoping to find everybody to be well icon_smile.gif

Christi icon_biggrin.gif

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