What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

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awela Posted 1 May 2005 , 5:29am
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I work full time at the admissions office of a well known university and been there for 10 years. It's a very stressful job, am looking to retire in a couple of years. I've been cake decorating for nearly three years and sell from my home and have a big clientele. I love being creative but sometimes it gets too busy like last night could not go to sleep until 6:30 this morning as I had 4 cakes orders all to be picked up by twelve today and I am talking big cakes. It's crazy!! Everyone suggests me to retire and do this full time, don't know maybe after retirement. I like the money I'm making though!

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frostedexpressions Posted 2 May 2005 , 9:13pm
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I started out about 3 years ago just for fun and then I made my daughter's wedding cake and then some birthday cakes and now it is 3 or 4 cakes a week. It gets to be a little much for someone with a full time job. I work 40 hours as an office manager. Would really like to have my own business, but not sure I could make a living at it and I have to have an income. Like reading about everyone!!

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missjane Posted 2 May 2005 , 9:36pm
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I am a IT tech support person for national newspapers and ad agencies around the United States.

I would dearly love to leave my job and work at a bakery here in the USA but the huge pay cut kinda puts me officon_wink.gif I did have a interview once and went in for a "audition" at a bakery but he never called me backicon_sad.gif

My hubby and I are moving back to Australia by the end of the year so I plan to leave my IT career behind and become covered in frosting, cake batter and fondant bits full timeicon_wink.gif.. I plan to start a cake store if my at home business becomes succcessful.. thumbs_up.gif

I have been struggling with what I want to do with my life and I finally realised about a year ago that my artistic interests and my interest in pastry can come together to make art you can eat.

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Jennkrem Posted 2 May 2005 , 9:37pm
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I am new to cake decorating. Took the Wilton classes for a means to get away for a couple hours a week. I am a full time Administrative Assistant. I have two daughters that are in their late teens, am married to a nutsy husband and have 4 parrots that love to nibble on the left over cake from leveling.

I must agree as well, of all the crafts I do, I enjoy cake decorating the most.

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m0use Posted 2 May 2005 , 9:53pm
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I have taught myself how to decorate cakes and have been doing them for fun for almost 6 years now. My first major project was my own wedding cakes- got married at the courthouse and had a dinner at my in-laws house afterwards. I just do them for fun since I don't have time to do them full-time, not to mention I don't I would want to do this full time. I work at a computer helpdesk for a department store, and wish I could afford to be a SAHM icon_cry.gif But with hubby working full time and going to school full time, there is no overtime on his paychecks from him, oh well.
I enjoy baking cakes for work, and I usually volunteer to make cakes for life events in my department (baby shower, going away)
I would not mind doing this on a part time basis from home, but that is not feasible right now. So I stay on this site and do cakes whenever I can.

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aupekkle Posted 2 May 2005 , 10:23pm
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I'm a full time graduate student trying to earn my PhD in Bioengineering in San Diego. I started cake decorating classes almost a year ago after I saw one of my fellow labmates bring in an awesome cake that she decorated for a birthday in the lab. She got me inspired, so I went and took the Wilton classes and volunteered to make cakes for birthdays or events here at school or for anyone I knew. It's my creative outlet away from science. My hubby tells me that I should leave the sciences to open a bakery since I've become a baking freak. It was funny hearing that from him since he's also a graduate student. I have a friend who wants me to do her brother's wedding cake in Sept., but I haven't really heard back from the bride-to-be as to whether if she wants me to do the cake. It'll be a fun challenge since it'll be my first $$ cake and first wedding cake, that is if I get the job. icon_biggrin.gif

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charman Posted 2 May 2005 , 10:31pm
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I am a single mom (recently divorced thumbsdown.gif ) that work full-time for a college in student activities and summer conferences. I self-taught myself some, but then my co-workers gave me the Wilton Cake classes as a xmas gift, because they knew it was something I have always wanted to do, but wouldn't spend the money on! Since completion I have done several cakes and sold them...the extra income is put away for me to use as shopping money for myself and son. My job keeps me extremely busy as does my son...so I have to be selective of how many jobs I take and when...my problem is I can't say "no" to anyone. icon_rolleyes.gif Oh well...enjoy doing it is all that matters, and the extra money is a plus too! I like being creative, and seeing the reactions when the project is finished!

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Kiddiekakes Posted 2 May 2005 , 10:37pm
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Hi All...
I am a Stayat-Home-Mom also.I started a small home based cake decorating business about a year and a half ago.I primarily do character cakes for kids but lately have been doing everything from Cookies,Anniversary cakes,40th birthdays,60th Birthdays etc.I just like to decorate and am glad to say that I am maintaining a good clientele! I have two small kids 4 and 2 and they keep me busy.My husband and I own a small construction company so I do the books also!! I am also an avid seller and buyer on Ebay (Mostly buyer) but sshhhh don't tell my husband how much...Ha!Ha!

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KATE39 Posted 2 May 2005 , 10:57pm
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KayDay Posted 3 May 2005 , 12:20am
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I own a small bridal shop, I just opened this year and before that had been working from home. I cater, sell dresses, do floral ( live) have all the wedding equipment ( arches, candelabrum, punch fountain , kneeling bench etc.) and we have a small kitchen (much like a small home kitchen where I make my cakes. It isnt anything special but it is filled with all my cake stuff and nothing else as opposed to dong them at home where I had to contend with EVERYTHING mixed with my cake stuff. I have an 8 ft stainless table that is my only real restaurant equipment , and my excellent stand mixer.. a home fridge and an old stove (the ovens were bigger back in the day). a big metal shelf for all my cake pans and stands and boxes and thats the extent of my "kitchen".My hubby enabled me to start my shop and do what I love for a living. He is an accountant. SO far I LOVE MY JOB!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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LAA Posted 3 May 2005 , 12:30am
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I am an attorney and have been with the same firm for 14 years. I have 2 children. My son is 12 and my daughter is 2. Between work and my kids, wow is my life full. My husband is a child phycologist (behavior specialist).

I love doing cakes and do them for friends and family. The secretaries at work are starting to catch on (I take my practice cakes in for the girls to munch on) and they are asking me to do cakes for them. I just wish I had more time to do the cakes and less time for all of the stress.

Thanks for asking!!!

Lisa icon_lol.gif

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TheCakeShak Posted 3 May 2005 , 12:45am
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icon_cool.gif Hello....I use to work for a police investigators for 14 years, then moved out here to CA 13 years ago (been here since) then was working for a large retail store chain out here for 10 years. I had to quit because I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, therefor it makes it difficult for me to be around people in the public.
So I had thought for a long long time about doing cakes. I went to Michaels Craft Store and took all 3 Wilton cake decorating classes. Well, I was most definitely hooked!! I started my own cake business out of my home and it has really taken off.. I really love to decorate the cakes and my favorite is when the customers come to pick up their cakes or it is a wedding cake I have to deliver seeing their face light up or get teary eyed. It gives me a really good feeling inside knowing someone out there appreciates my work. When I was in the retail end of it, those bosses were so obnoxious and rude and didn't appreciate anything you did, they took all the glory and gave us all the crap!!
I am so glad I stay at home now and just do cakes.........
Have a nice day.......... icon_wink.gifthumbs_up.gif

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southerncake Posted 3 May 2005 , 12:47am
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I've been off the boards for a couple of months because of some family drama, but I was so excited to come back and see this topic. I have really enjoyed learning all about each of you!

I own a medical transcription business and work from home. I contract with several doctors' offices here in town. I truly love my job!

I took a Wilton class four years ago to get me out of the house and meet new people and discovered I really love decorating and baking!

I made my cake business legal about a year ago and have some very loyal clients. My husband and I separated about two months ago, so I have limited my orders for the last couple of months, but I think I'm about ready to really get going again.

I have an opportunity to rent a space in somewhat of a local "artisan market/incubator" and I am really seriously considering it. I would still bake at home, but could advertise and sell misc. baked goods there. They had a fudge/candy maker who recently moved out of state, so they really would like it if I could also do fudge, but I would need lots of help from you all for that!

I look forward to hearing more of your stories!


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daviscakes Posted 3 May 2005 , 12:58am
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I'm a journalism professor at our local university, and a licensed private investigator.

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irisinbloom Posted 3 May 2005 , 1:24am
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I work at the VA Medical Center here in Tennessee where I live. I work in Nutriution and Food Svc, so cake decorating is a hobby plus I have sold some cakes to co-workers and I only wish I was as good as all you other decorators. I look at your pictures and the only word that comes to mind is WOW.

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missyb Posted 3 May 2005 , 1:33am
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I am a full time homemaker, and Mommy of three-ages 10 months, 4 yrs and 8yrs. I just started doing cakes to give myself a creative outlet, and hopefully relieve a little stress. I have alot of fun, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback so far. I am going to take some courses here soon, and then hope to maybe make a little money on the side. A friend of mine has been planning weddings this past year for friends and people at her church, she has already done 5 events. She is looking to start doing other parties and occasions and would like to network with me down the line for cakes. I think it will be a great thing to try, and hopefully it will be fun. I love to try out new ideas, but i think my family will be getting sick of cake soon. Luckily for me our family has a lot of birthdays in the summer!

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emi Posted 3 May 2005 , 3:28am
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I owned a maid service for 10 yrs, and sold it 2 yrs ago, 2 weeks before I had my daughter. I had a hard time becoming pregnant, therefore was important for my husband and I for me to be a stay at home mom. However, I found the adjustment challenging. I love my family, and am glad that I am able to stay at home with my daughter, but I lacked mental stimulation and adult association. I love cooking in general, but only several months ago I became interested in cake decorating.
My husband will be getting his masters degree in computer science in about a week ( boy am I relieved for him, and proud too ), therefore I will have more time to cake decorate. I'm also going to attend the 3 Wilton corses next month in June, and can't wait.

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montanakate Posted 3 May 2005 , 3:45am
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I work full time as a physical therapist at a local hospital. I also have 2 samll kids at home. I do cakes because I don't have enough to do at home already icon_biggrin.gif Just kidding

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dragonwarlord1969 Posted 3 May 2005 , 11:34am
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Originally Posted by irisinbloom

I work at the VA Medical Center here in Tennessee where I live. I work in Nutriution and Food Svc, so cake decorating is a hobby plus I have sold some cakes to co-workers and I only wish I was as good as all you other decorators. I look at your pictures and the only word that comes to mind is WOW.

Do you have any pics you can post of your cakes? Most people that say they're bad at cakes do FANTASIC work. Every cake artist looks at they're cakes and sees what they did wrong, not the overall beauty of it.


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anan Posted 3 May 2005 , 2:03pm
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I am a paralegal and I do the cakes for fun... takes me away from all the logic and analytical part of my day...

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Teisha45177 Posted 3 May 2005 , 2:26pm
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I am a computer programmer by day, cake maker by night icon_smile.gif

I have been certified to bake from home bakery. The ultimate goal will be to open my own shop!! I am working towards that now.

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Carriemyvoice Posted 3 May 2005 , 2:38pm
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This is a great topic! It is fun to see what everyone does for a living.

I work in accounting at a steel distribution company. When our baby is born I will be a stay at home mom. I hope to open my own business too. I really want to open a diner and serve lunch Monday -Friday. Southern Home cooking and of course cakes.
With all this morning sickness, cake just turns my tummy to even think about it. ouch.gif
I did my best friends baby shower cake last week, and it was all I could do to get through it. The sweet smells really got to me. It turned out great anyway.

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briansbaker Posted 3 May 2005 , 9:18pm
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Stay at home mommy??? what the heck is that...
I am a dentist, landscaper, maid, cook, dictionary, T.V. programmer, doorman, window washer, cleaners, hairstylist and a mind reader all to a big bald man I called my husband ok maybe not a hairstylist to him, but to a 3, 12, 13, 15 , 16 and an 19 yr. old. Plus two dogs, one a pit bull named debo and a shitpoo (lol half shitzu and half poodle) husband calls it bull$hit named Rudy.
The list goes on and on!!!!
Plus I love to bake!!!!!!!

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Chrystal Posted 4 May 2005 , 1:22am
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Briansbaker you are AMAZING lol... (you kinda sound like my mom... 5 kids and does everything lol)

My turn.. IM 20 i'll be 21 in June on the 14th YEAHHHHHH! I own a Butcher Shop in Downtown Charleston South Carolina. I have a Manicurist and Cosmetology License I got when i was 17 but don't use anymore.. I have a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and an Associates Degree in Hotel/Rest Management. Im getting married in August.. My Fiancee is a Software Developer for a computer company.. (he makes games and [email protected]!!) we have one dog thats like our child who gets into everything. And i also have a little 2 yr old girl who looks like Boo from Monsters INc... she stays wiht me all day at the Butcher SHop while im there... my hours there are 8am-8pm..

My days are hectic.. but until i pay off my 80 grand in Student loans.. i'll be working for a long time.. My business is doing well. I bought it when i turned 19 and I love it there..Cake decorating just came to me... lately i've been doing so many cakes and decided it was my turn to take a vacatoin from the family and get away for 2 hours a night to take cake decorating classes...
every Mommy needs a break!! i mean EVERY MOMMMY... leave the kids with dad and take off...


ok mine is to long.. sorry i got carried away...


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Chrystal Posted 4 May 2005 , 1:24am
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i dunno if i added...
Im getting married in August all the way in Ohio..and am trying to plan my wedding from SC lol..what a joke haha...


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ntertayneme Posted 4 May 2005 , 1:31am
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I'm an administrative program specialist for the government. I work four 10 hour days a week .. I do cakes on the side .. I'd love to turn it into a full time business.. I'm always looking for new ideas and always wanting to learn new things.. I just completed Wilton's course 3 and learned fondant.. I did some gumpaste flowers the other day .. I just love doing cakes!!

briansbaker Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
briansbaker Posted 4 May 2005 , 1:31am
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Yeah some how I gave birth to 4 and I am raising actually 7 kiddos. Doctor did not mention they double as they get older..HAHA!!
and I forgot to mention the adopted boy named Chris. (it's a long story LOL ) he is 19. Just thinking about tomorrow makes me tired!!

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tcturtleshell Posted 4 May 2005 , 6:20am
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I don't want your job Briansbaker..... I have 2 teens & can bearly handle them!!!

I would like to have LucyMoose job!!!!!! Being with horses all day would be a blessing!!!!! I'm hoping my son will become a vet.... so I can be around animals more.

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sgirvan Posted 4 May 2005 , 4:42pm
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Lucymoose and Newtocakedecorating, we all have alot in common icon_wink.gif

I am a Veterinary Technician and have been doing it for 15years now, I work in a mixed animal hospital and I also work down at the racetrack drug testing horses before they race. I started doing cakes because a freind asked me to make one for her daughter and I didn't have a clue so I took the Wilton classes and here I am loving it! I would ove nothing more than to open my own bakery within the next 5 years. That is the plan anyways, we will see how life goes. My daughter who is 6 1/2 was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 3 and has now been off of chemo for almost 1 year. Life is unpredictable and we pretty much live it to the fullest everyday.

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Mchelle Posted 4 May 2005 , 4:58pm
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Actually, I am an accountant and work full time. I also have three kids (my husband included icon_wink.gif ), just joking. I love cake decorating and like to learn form all of you all

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