Flexique™ Instant Lace Cake Contest Entry Veronica Arthur

Veronica Arthur of With Love & Confection in Easley, SC created a sunflower wedding cake themed on "Stained Glass" for our Flexique Instant Lace Contest

Besides being a cake artist, I'm also a dress maker and costume creator. I also love to embroider so you can imagine how exciting and inspiring it would be for someone like me to be introduced to Flexique edible fabric! 

I've always wanted to learn to do ribbon embroidery so when I discovered that I could use the pasta machine to cut out ribbons I thought how fabulous it would be to literally embroider edible ribbons into edible fabric. I've never seen that done before.

I used a silpat, scissors, kitchen aid mixer with pasta attachment set, rotary leather hole punch and upholstery needle with a large eye.

I love how the embroidery looks so legit. It looks like real ribbon embroidery.  

Comments (4)


Well, I didn't end up going the stained glass route with my design as I was so inspired to do my new ribbon embroidery technique that Jackie allowed me to do my own thing.


Veronica makes the most unusual and beautiful cakes I've ever seen! Who else would have ever thought of embroidery on a cake! ! I Love It!!

Sandy Stutes 


An absolutely "out of the box" technique of using Flexique Instant Lace to do edible ribbon embroidery. 


Your cake is so beautiful! With so many talents, you've fashioned intricate designs and made it look easy. I love the effect you've created with the leaves as well.