Sketch to Cake: Masooda Rahman’s Elie Saab Inspired Wedding Cake

Masooda Rahman @soods

Masooda Rahman of Once Upon A Tier designed a glittering, floral  wedding cake for the Fashion Issue of Cake Central Magazine Volume 7 Issue 4. Masooda’s gorgeous wedding cake was inspired by a sparkling, lace & floral Elie Saab Haute Couture Paris gown. Masooda Rahman shares with us how she conceptualized her final cake design, the luminous color scheme, and each perfectly placed edible sequin on her sensational Elie Saab inspired wedding cake.

The elements of the dress that attracted me the most was first and foremost the detailed gem and sequin work that was present.  The way the sequins and the diamonds glistened, really stood out to me, even though they were in the same color scheme as the dress.  This accompanied by the contrast of the gold flowers really struck me as a beautiful combination.

Design Decisions

My design process was one where I first had to decide how many tiers and what size of tiers I wanted to use.  I could not decide if I wanted the cake to be three tiers or four tiers.  What I did know was that I wanted there to be a double barrel tier, no matter how many tiers I used.  I then used the app, tiered caker, to construct and visualize both a 3 tiered and a 4 tiered cake.  I also knew that I wanted my top tier to be a maximum of 5 inches in diameter and each tier would be a difference of 2 inches.  Once I had a visual representation, I preferred the four tier cake because I felt as though it flowed just like the dress.

I personally like to work very closely to the sketch that I have drawn out.  Although I do tend to add a few extra embellishments once I have started to decorate the actual tiers.

My first step in creating my cake was to order all of the dummy tiers. I also had to order sugar sheets and then take a look at what moulds I had collected that would fit the theme of the cake.  I then began coloring all of my fondant and covering my tiers.  Once the tiers were covered, I started to work on each tier, from the top -downwards.

While making the cake, I did run into a few complications.  I knew I wanted the base fondant to be a grey color.  I personally find grey to be a difficult color to achieve.  Often when coloring fondant grey it looks more lavender- I had to find a balance of adding yellow coloring to get rid of the purple undertones.  While doing this I ended up adding too much yellow and obtaining undertones of green!  I quickly added more white fondant and thank goodness the situation remedied itself.  Another complication I ran into was while I was covering the tiers.  I started to cover the tiers the standard method, but because of the amount of color I had added to my fondant the fondant began to tear quite easily.  I remedied this by using the panel method, and I was quite pleased with the results. 

 I started off by paneling each of my tiers with fondant. Another special technique I used was using sugar sheets to achieve a sequined look.  I used different sizes of circle craft punches to achieve the look.  Lastly, to achieve a seamless look from one tier to the next I used a method called gunge to attach the tiers together and fell in any gaps between the tiers.

I did not have to make any changes to my original plan, because I based my sketch on supplies that I already had or that were easily accessible to me.   Also when I did run into any issues I used the wonderful world of the internet to troubleshoot. The cake decorating community is so large and helpful that almost all issues have a remedy online.  

I absolutely love how the final product turned out, this cake was several hours of work, but to challenge myself by doing it, was very rewarding.  It proved to myself that I could do it!


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