Adore Wedding Cakes Book 2014

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Adore Weddings Cakes 2014 

Bestselling cake decorating magazine Cake Central Magazine brings you a curated showcase of incredible weddings cakes featured in Cake Central Magazine throughout 2014. 

Find your cake decorating inspiration in couture fashion-inspired cakes, vintage & shabby-chic wedding cakes and so much more. Cake Central Magazine gives you a wide range of cake decorating designs from cakemakers all over the world. 

Featuring more than 200 weddings cakes that showcase fondant techniques, buttercream, royal icing, modeling chocolate and incredible gumpaste flowers. 

Adore Wedding Cakes

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This book features more than 200 beautiful wedding cakes with themes ranging from vintage to fabulously modern. 

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Adore Wedding Cakes 2014

is the must-have wedding cake inspiration book for brides and cake decorators of any experience level.

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I was thinking the same thing.  Why do we want a book with cakes from two years ago?  Not cheap either!  I'm flattered that one of my cakes is featured in it, but not paying so much for it.


No it is the collection from the 2014 issues of the magazine.  We are issuing an Adore book for each volume of the magazine through Amazon.  we unfortunately do not set the price on the books, the price is determined by the partnering publishing company based on the size of the book and the small print run relative to typical books.  Since we are not able to offer the magazine in a print edition, this is our best solution for providing the option to have access to the best cakes from the magazine in a print format.

So right now you can get both 2013 and 2014 collections on Amazon, and over the next couple of months 2015 will be available and the 2016 book might make it to Amazon before Christmas, but we don't know that yet.


It's such a pretty cover , and I was thrilled to be notified that one of my designs was in print ... I absolutely bought the book and it's front and center on the living room table!  Thanks Cake Central! <3


I was blown away to have two of my cakes featured in the beautiful new book! And then to see one of my white ruffled cake in the video and in the book open on the bookshelf photo on this page just left me so speechless that I had no words to describe how it felt. I bought the book and every time I look through it, I can't believe those are my cakes in the book and how honored I feel to be included in this book! Thank you Cake Central:)


Oh !! It is an honor to be in this beautiful book! =)

Thank you for your invitations Cake Central, always happy to collaborate with you