Top Cakes with Bows

Who can resist a cake with a beautiful bow? Some may be simple and understated while others are elaborate and luxurious, but all these cakes with bows are lovely. Check out these top cakes with bows of all shapes and sizes.

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Thanks Cake Central for including two of my bow cakes amongst such gorgeous creations! Well-done to the others featured as well - amazing bows & cakes, each and every one. Truly an honour - Violet =D


Sugarveil is easy to work with I started using it when it first came out.  My only problem is when there is humidity - it just totally falls apart & becomes glue.     

I haven't done it yet but was thinking maybe some gelatin added could stabilize it a bit more.   I made a vintage style cowgirl riding hat & had used sugarveil to band the hat so I could add a brooche & then had it bustle at he back to hang down.  It looked awesome until the next day when it was time to take to a bridal event out in the country.  It was just melting apart.

Any thoughts on adding a stabilizer?