Top Tiger Cakes

You’ve probably already come across this adorable viral video, whether it was watching the national nightly news or browsing your favorite websites. The YouTube video of the little boy dressed up in a tiger costume playing with a tiger behind glass at the zoo has already been featured on The Today Show,  ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Yahoo! News, on Time Magazine’s website and more… and that little boy just happens to be Jackie’s 2-year-old son!

Of course, everything relates back to cake, and we decided to round up a selection of grrrrr-eat tiger cakes in the Cake Central galleries! From painted stripes to 3-D masterpieces, this collection of top tiger cakes is fierce, fun and absolutely filled with inspiration.

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Jackie!! Before I read it was YOUR son, I was like gosh that looks so much like the point defiance zoo!! Then I read it was you, and was like oh yeah it has to be! I was right across the street from there on Halloween with my little pirate :) such a cute video :)


How cute is the video? Your son is adorable. He gave that little tiger a run for his money :)

From cute to awesome, the tiger cakes are wonderful.