Top Shopping Bag Cakes

What better way to celebrate the fashionista in your life than with a cake filled with her favorite designers? From T.J.Maxx to Louis Vuitton, our cakemakers have covered all the biggest brands. Check out these Top Shopping Bag Cakes and keep your eyes peeled for inspiration the next time you hit the mall!


Quilted Shopping Bag
Join Instructor Michelle Bommarito

as she teaches you to sculpt cake, quilt fondant, and make gumpaste tissue paper in her Carved Shopping Bag Cake Class! This carving technique can be applied to similar cake projects, such as handbags. Once you master this carving technique the possibilities are endless! Register now for classes coming up in January 2014 in Miami, FL.

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Yayyy I'm so excited!! two of my cakes were selected in this category. I never think my cakes are worth of any mentioning so this is awesome!!! Thank you Cake Central you made my day!! :)


Beautiful cakes! Can someone please explain to me the easiest most effective way to make the fondant tissue in the shopping bag cakes? Thank you.


I usually roll out extremely thin strips of 50/50 using my KA pasta roller. I store the sheets in a zip log bag [2 gallon] on clear flexible cutting mats. I cut them into squares--about 4x4--and then pinch/shape them and fill the top of the bag.


Hi Kadesan, I do mine pretty much like Maybenot except I don't pass them through the pasta roller. By hand I just roll gumpaste very thin and then cut squares to reseamble tissue paper. Then I pinch them to give the look of crunched tissue. Let it dry for a day or so and arrange them on your cake as desired. I usually make extras since I always break some in the process. Good luck!!


These cakes are truly amazing !!!

love everyone of them

I would love to know what products and method for making/ painting 

the gold colors thanks in advance