Ace Of Cakes’ Duff Goldman To Bake Obama Inauguration Cake

ace of cakes obama cake

“It was our honor to create this cake for last night’s Commander-in-Chief Ball – an experience we will never forget.” – Duff Goldman

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Baltimore celebrity baker Duff Goldman says the cake he’s baking for President Barack Obama’s inaugural ball is going to be more elegant than crazy, full of stars and stripes and a whole lot of glitter.

Goldman says the staff at his Charm City Cakes bakery, which had its extreme cakes featured in the Food Network show “Ace of Cakes,” began Friday to decorate the details to put on the cake. They’ll start baking the cake itself on Sunday, the day before the inauguration and the Commander in Chief’s Ball where the cake will be served.

The finished product will stand 3 to 4 feet tall, drip with patriotic fondant bunting and sparkle with clusters of stars shooting out like fireworks.

“Glitter is going to be all over the place,” Goldman said in a telephone interview.

On Saturday, four bakers were in the process of replicating in fondant and royal icing the presidential seal and the seals of the four military branches honored at the Commander in Chief’s Ball. Goldman said they are focused on the details, such as making sure the eagle in the presidential seal faces the correct way and that the bird holds exactly six arrows in its talons. They also want to make sure they spell the Latin motto on the seal correctly: E pluribus unum.

“This is oneyou really want to spellcheck, big time,” said Goldman, whose television show ran for 10 seasons before going off the air in 2011.

Goldman said the whole cake will take about 100 hours to complete. When finished, it is expected to weigh 50 pounds and serve several hundred people. Inside, guests will find Swiss buttercream frosting and layers of red velvet, lemon poppy seed, pineapple coconut, and pumpkin chocolate chip cake.

This isn’t the only inauguration cake the bakery is making. Goldman says he is baking five other cakes for various inauguration events, including a 4-foot replica of the White House. Still, the Commander in Chief’s Ball cake is special because the event at the Washington Convention Center is one of only two official parties the president will attend.

Goldman said he played it cool when the Presidential Inaugural Committee called about two weeks ago to ask him to make a cake.

“When you get off the phone you get to scream, ‘We’re making the inaugural cake,’” he said.


Elena Fox from Charm City Cakes works on a layer of the official cake for the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball.


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Anyone see a finished picture yet? I can only find the sketch online.... Don't they know this is just as important as to what the First Lady wore:)


Sorry but I'm not impressed either. Most everything is cut out and stuck on. Cake is leaning, fondant on middle tier is not laying right and I don't like the stars sticking out of the cake. I do like the presidential seal, but for ace of cakes I was hoping for something that shows more skill. Sorry.


HEY CHARM CITY... "IT IS WHAT IT IS "....... AWESOME!!!!!!!....great job and congrats on receiving the opportunity...REALLY!


i am not impressed by the cake. for such an important event you would think the cake would showcase their best work. im wondering if the lighting is the result of the color of the cake and the lean? i dont get the color scheme and why the cake is leaning. this is just my opinion-this cake far out surpasses the skills i could ever hope to have. but c'mon the cake is from duff and his staff. would have expected a much better cake.


Really? I can't believe people are so openly criticizing someones work....would you stand infront of Duff and say all this to his face and think its ok?

This expression is used ALOT: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

People are allowed to have an opinion but sheesh, if this was my cake and I read all this I would be in floods of tears!

The cake isn't leaning, its the angle of the can tell as the background line isn't straight either. I think this cake is amazing, and I certainly couldn't make it -its huge!

Please guys, can you point out the good instead of the bad all the time?

Its a huge amazing cake......


I would tell Duff I wasn't impressed. When you charge $1500 minimum for a cake and are a cake star....people will have certain expectations. I expected more. I can voice that opinion. It's an open forum.


I didn't say you couldn't voice it, there are just nicer ways of commenting.

Usually you say sorry after you have done something wrong.....You said sorry before your comment because you know that what you are about to write is not nice

If its not something nice, you didn't need to say it..and then apologize for it?!

I just think there enough crap in the world and maybe it would just be nicer to spread a little love instead :)


Wow!! I've never seen such venom on CC; I thought it wasn't allowed. I'm with button-moon. I'm sure the cake is actually perfectly straight and in the requisite colours of red, white and blue, mixed to the precise shades. (Looks like UV light may be distorting the colours in the photo.) Did you expect an over-the-top creation? I'll bet this cake was carefully designed following much consultation. It is elegant and most suitable for the occasion. Those medallions, seals, etc are certainly not "just cut out and stuck on" as L.fredden suggested; I think they would have been hand-crafted. It takes a skilled artisan to make something elegant, beautiful, uncomplicated and accurate. I think it is wonderful!


I was talking about the stars, stripes, leaves and banners. I was hoping to be wowed because I think charm city cakes does spectacular work. This in my opinion did not live up to their hype. As I mentioned before, there is some nice work, but overall it's not up to par with the rest of their reputation.